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    Default Uninstalling OS Commerce

    Ok, I've fought with this too darn long and my boss is having fits. How do I uninstall OS Commerce. I can't make it work, and nobody seems to be able to help me. Everyone assumes I know programming, and every solution anybody sends creates more questions than I can handle. So, How do I remove OS Commerce from my server. Somebody help me please. I give up!

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    Uninstalling OS Commerce

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    delete all the files = uninstalled That at least is simple...
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    Sorry to hear about your problems with your boss.

    You may also want to "drop" or delete the database that was created.

    I have responded to your pervious question and requested some more information - which none was received. I think your comment of "nobody seems to be able to help me" is not true. With a bit more information maybe we can.

    Most problems can be related to improper configure.php settings or PHP setttings. But with so many ways that servers are configured and the way OSC can be installed - it is not allways so clear as to what is wrong and how to fix it.

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    I have review all your post and replies - most replies ask for a bit more details - which was not supplied.

    Most seams to be related to SSL (ie: https) - which you did not supply further detail as requested.

    If you want to use SSL - did you purchase a SSL certifcate, installed it and is working properly? or using a shaired one (host provided - like or etc...)? Did you try EVERYTHING with SSL turn OFF and works fine? Post your catalog's configure.php file (less the DB info).....

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