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Thread: how can i set different images sizes?

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    Default how can i set different images sizes?

    Hi, Great product you have! Just had it installed at and starting to place images/products and my questions is about the size if images. Due to the nature of my images, I seem to have all different sizes: small, heading & subcategory.

    How can I allow different sizes and not be confined to the set parametrs in config/images?



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    how can i set different images sizes?

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    You have a couple of options. You can just set one of the dimension parameters, or you can leave both parameters blank, in which case, it will just use the actual image size.
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    Default how to have flexible image sizes

    in control panel, Configuration->Images->Calculate Image Size option should be false

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    Thankyou both, I tried your suggestions and both worked. Thanks again,


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