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    Default Model Number per Attribute

    This may seem like a stupid question, but I have not been able to find any mention of it or a contribution that addresses this issue..

    My client has products like a Towel Bar, that sells in different LENGTHS. The standard Product Attributes works great for this - using the drop down menu to list the available lengths. Where I run into a problem is that each length has it's own model #. IE: if a customer orders an 18" Chrome Towel Bar, the order needs to show the model # for the 18" - if they order a 24" then the order needs to show the model # for the 24"...

    So basically, on the customer side, they see the Chrome Towel Bar with a drop down list of LENGTH OPTIONS. On the order, I need to show the MODEL #.

    I think this would be accomplished by adding another field to the attribute to hold the model #.

    It seems to me that this would be a common issue.

    If anyone has any comments on this or can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated...

    Thanks in advance...

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    Default RE: Model Number per Attribute

    Look at:

    Attribute Qty Product Info,3345
    (sound like what would work for you)
    This contrubution allows you to:
    1. List the product attrubutes on the product_info.php page in a table instead of the pull-down menu.
    2. Adds a quantity input box for each attribute.
    3. Shows the actual price with the attribute instead of the '+/- XXX'
    4. Lists the model number

    Also Look at:
    Attribute Suite v.1.0,3409

    Master Products - MS2,168

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    Default RE: Model Number per Attribute

    Thanks for the information, but i'm not sure that any of these contribs will do what I want. What I actuall need is a Model # per attribute. I might have to just go in and add this field to the attrib table and then make the mods needed to input/change - display and pass that modifed attrib on to the checkout process. I was hoping someone had already done this.
    Also, I had already modified my code to show the actual price instead of the +/- , I didn't know that there was a contrib to do this...
    Thanks again

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    It was removed from Contribution Section - project fork. But i have a topic in

    Attribute Suite v.1.2.1

    download from

    But with OSCmax2.0 OTF must be removed. I don't use it too in my site for fixing system.

    Best regards

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    Model Number per Attribute

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    OTF is already removed from osCMax 2...
    Michael Sasek

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    OTF is already removed from osCMax 2... Smile
    I know Michael

    I told this only like a suggestion if somebody will try to use Attribute Suite 1.2.1 and OSCMax 2.0 put together.

    Thanks and Best regards.

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    There is NO sku per attribute combination contribution available - believe me, I've checked! I've installed QTPro on two of my stores (both are running Max 1.7) that need stocking by attribute combination (both sell apparel), and they both need the capability to add sku numbers to their attribute combinations. I'm working on a contribution that will accomplish this, but it's slow going - and you'll need to install QTPro to have it work.

    I've got it adding the sku numbers to the products_stock table with the associated attribute combinations (in my case, color/size combinations), but getting it to email it with the order is turning out to be a bugger. Once I have it working, though, I WILL post the contribution for others to use.

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    I've got SKU hacks working on a couple of osCommerce RC2 sites. I'm hacking on osCMax right now to make it work.

    I don't want to get into the QuickBooks contribution to make this happen. I'm not that versed in it, but believe it's mostly a reporting/importing tool, right? This really needs to be a core attribute function. All sorts of reporting contributions can be modified to handle the SKU fields once they are populated. It's really something that should be in the core, and should be universal. Most companies that track stock are going to use some form of product identification when they do it, and having that information on the orders, the invoices, the reports, etc. is important and useful.

    The thing I'm trying to do is pass the information to the dB and try to pull it for invoices, orders, etc. I can hack up reporting much easier once the dB has the order with its respective SKU information.

    You don't want to just pass it the dB when you create a product attribute/sku. You need to store the sale and its respective sku for documentation. You want the SKU to be stored there even if the SKU for that product changes, or the product is removed from your offerings. You need a permanent storage repository - the orders_products_attributes table is a good place to put it. I know someone will be tempted to just link it to a central table somewhere. The other issue is making it pretty. I've not managed to do both yet.

    Anyone interested in working with me on adding this to the general osCMax and encouraging osCMax to add it to their next release (so we won't have to constantly hack it into the next version), say ey. Please feel free to respond here (or im me). I could use someone to work with and bounce ideas off to make this complete and functional.

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