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Thread: How does the new BTS work?

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    Default How does the new BTS work?

    With the BTS in Max1.7, each page that displays some content had a matching .php.tpl file. How is it done now?

    I'm asking, because I'm trying to change what's displayed on the main page. I dont want the "New Products" block to be displayed, because I have my own code that displays the new items for all/specific categories.

    In Max1.7, I edited the index.default.php.tpl file which did the trick. Is there anywhere I can find some legit documentation on how the BTS system is working?

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    Default RE: How does the new BTS work?

    Never mind...apparently it works just like the old one. I made a .php.tpl file for index.default.php and it worked like a charm.

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