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    Default problems with php

    Hopefully someone might be able to help me here.

    My payment processor has given me a module to add to my site but it requires simplexml which is only available in php5. My hosting company has php4 installed on the server and don't seem to be keen to change it to php5.

    Does anyone know of a way around this?

    Hosting company gave me instructions on how to use php5 for certain scripts using .htaccess but that broke my shop!!

    I've waited 8 weeks for this module and now it doesn't work so I still have no credit/debit card payment page and I'm losing sales.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is NOTHING wrong with php5 - when up to date. Except that it brakes ALOT of older style php4 and php3 scripts.

    So if your on host as a SHARED SERVER and has allot of sites that are not up to date with there php scripts - upgrading to php5 will cause everyone else headaches.

    Now your PROVIDER should be able to MOVE your site to a server with php5 (at no cost).

    There are fewer and fewer host providing or open NEW account that is WITHOUT PHP5!

    I think it is POSSIBLE to dual install and RUN both php4 and php5 in a production server - I have herd people have done so - never done it myself - unsure how to do and how it works.

    If the Host is not willing to move you or update there servers - then I would move myself away from them. For like WELL under 100 per year - go to a host that provides actual service for the clients.

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    Default Re: problems with php

    Thanks for your reply. Managed to get the php5 thing sorted....I had forgotten to put a piece of code in the admin side of things!! So thats working now. Still have a problem with the payment processors module, it doesn't seem to be carrying over the order amount when connecting to their API.

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    Yea....well if your still running under php4 it will never work
    My payment processor has given me a module to add to my site but it requires simplexml
    As per PHP: Requirements - Manual
    The SimpleXML extension requires PHP 5.
    So no mater what you do - unless your server has the php5 extensions installed for SimpleXML - your script will NOT work.

    Your ONLY options are:
    A ) Have hosting company move you to a php5 server.
    B ) Have hosting company install php5 on the server your on.
    C ) Move to a different hosting company.
    D ) Install a php4 compatible script.

    You never mentioned which payment processor your using - thus no one can give you advice on option "D"

    There is over 700+ compatible payment processor scripts that work with several hundred processors out there. I am sure there is one for your processor that does not need php5 (unless they are a small company or new startup on a small island in the middle of the one I had to deal with...had a total of about 250 online clients world wide using there services - with there own home grown product that they lost there main IT guy and was hiring A new GUY to "BE" the department.)

    osCommerce and related like osCMax etc... - if they don't support the majority - then they are too small to deal with.

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