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Thread: Filter Out Cuss, Swear Words and Profanity

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    Default Filter Out Cuss, Swear Words and Profanity

    We are using MS2 Max and have people using cuss words and vulgar profanity when writting product reviews.

    Is there a Word Filter to:

    1. Block people from using cuss and swear words as USER NAMES.

    2. Block people from using cuss and swear words in PRODUCT REVIEWS.

    * STAFF - If these answers exist in the help or forum please post the URLs. Searches for Word Filtering, Word Filters, Profanity, Etc. did not produce any help.

    Steve B
    Tucson, AZ

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    Default RE: Filter Out Cuss, Swear Words and Profanity

    Possably look at:
    Censor bad words,2346
    This contribution will replace bad words in customers reviews with **** signs.

    You may also look at:
    Review Approval System (a better suggestion than above),76
    This is a system to have an admin approve reviews before they are displayed publically. It includes necessary hacks in catalog section and additional functionality to admin/catalog/review section.

    And for the people that can't be stopped from posting ----,2216
    Capture IpAddress of submitting Product Review
    Had a problem with someone submitting nasty reviews on your site?
    Once this modification was added the bad reviews stoped instantly....
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    Try out our osCMax at: Live Catalog Demo
    Limited access Admin: Live Admin Demo
    Feel free to add products they way you want and then purchase them -=+=- Sorry nothing will be billed or shipped!

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