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Thread: hello from Wisconsin

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    Default hello from Wisconsin

    I am currently working on my second store and I am hoping that it gets easier some day. I enjoy the challenges but you need that extra help. I'm hoping that this forum will treat me well. Thanks!

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    hello from Wisconsin

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    Default Re: hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the osCMax community!
    Michael Sasek

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindsay View Post
    I'm hoping that this forum will treat me well.
    As long as you keep it PG rated - not a problem. This is a TOTALLY OPEN forum (unlike 'other' places). Feel free to discuss, ask questions, post problems (with as much detail as possible), or complain as much as you want.

    Even though we focus on osCMax - feel free to post about osCommerce or other flavors or even unrelated stuff (ie :the "Off Topic & Chit Chat" forum) - just post it into the relevant forum.

    And again - Welcome to osCMax - osCommerce with teeth!


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