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Thread: Change of status?

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    osCMax Development Team

    Change of status?

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    Question Change of status?

    Could it be time to remove me from the Development Team group?
    • I appear to be alienated from the current mode of operation and direction that 'Max is going in.
    • I don't use Social Networking, so I'm excluded from 'Developer Talk' in not embracing the frivolous Google+
    • I can't keep up with all the additions to the core 'Max software and therefore provide little in the way of submitted bug fixes, due to moving goalposts etc.
    • The concept of a stable core platform, with additional modules added to it, appears to differ markedly from others
    • The software package can't provide everything for everybody, yet more and more core features are being added, rather than a finely honed/tested base, with optional add-ons
    • My (constructive?) criticism appears to be frowned upon in inner 'Circles'

    The above represents only a cross-section of thoughts, prior to being awoken by a second boost of caffeine.

    As far as I'm concerned (though others will have different priorities), OPC, attributes, payment modules and EasyPopulate all require immediate attention. There are numerous other areas within the 'core' that could do with fine tuning, I'm sure.

    ((crawls back into the corner to find Dunce hat and straight jacket))

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    Default Re: Change of status?

    You appear to be alienated in here too.

    As a bystander (and a developer/designer) I wonder if I could chime in with some thoughts about osCmax, it's way and it's code? Probably not, if you can't.
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    osCMax Development Team

    Change of status?

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    Default Re: Change of status?


    I think we would all be delighted if you want to chime in with a few ideas. Anyone who wants to contribute the project is very welcome to do so ...


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