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07-18-2007, 06:20 PM
Many people have asked as well as myself for two flyout menus on the same page. one vertical catagories, (sometimes two for other contribs) and one horizontal dropdown for navigation.

My contribution sts_external_pages_templates allows all the template formats to be used externally to osc for say detailed product pages, journals, news, about_us, extra contacts etc etc

the horizontal links jump to each page (see my web site for an example - live but still no sales ;o( not bothered)

the good news is tonight i have hacked both dynamenu and phplayersmenu

DYNAMENU_GONE_NUTS_BONKERS - this currently has two flyout menus as mentioned above however they are only the menu_types 0 & 1. I am seeking to fill everyones wishes by going the whole hog and making every possible phplayersmenu type all available on the same page without conflict. alas i have a little more work to do....

dynamenu works externally from osc anywhere [changed the paths definations etc]

hope you can have a little patience but because i dont im going to put up the rough draught that works anywhere. it's more of a demo. you can hack and play from there. give me a couple of more days and the twists and turns should be crinkle free and it will work with sts. i'll also include a full descriptive doccumentation for all those newbies like i use to be....

More... (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5245)