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05-16-2007, 11:27 PM
1) I have been on the Internet since it was arpanet back in the late 80's

2) I was a testbed platform for NCSA 1.0 server and the CERN Server

3) I am a published author of a book on CGI web programming from Prentice Hall (circa 1996 - the dark ages)

4) I am currently semi-retired - my last "real" job was a CTO of an Internet company that burned through about 60 million in VC money

5) I am a dad of a 12 year old girl and a 7 year old boy, they are what keeps me going

6) I have two patents issued and am working on a third. The second and the third are currently being productized

7) In my semi-retirement I have partnered with a former co-worker and a dear friend (redguy in this forum) to create BIA Solutions. We are a very expensive
consultancy that has turned down more work than we take. Part of our business is based on developing stores and we have taken OSCMax as our "base" for a version of a store that we set up for clients (my guess is that the OSCMax team wouldn't recognize some of the things we have done to the back end :-) ) as well as setting up regular websites with our own CMS Product. On top of that we do Business Process Re-engineering on occasion.

8 ) In order to understand the needs of a store, I do operate one as well (I'm almost working harder in semi-retirement than I did when I was a CTO, but the commute isn't 40 miles each way anymore, but about 25 feet :-) ).

9) My tag lines come from two movies. The last is from The Wild Bunch, Sam Peckinpah's classic western. One of the best films ever made with the threaded multiple story lines, beautiful film editing, wonderful cinematography and classic performances by seasoned actors. If you haven't seen the movie, get it. Watch it three times. The first for the films main story lines, the second for the sub-stories and finally, just to enjoy the piece of work and the wonderful filmmaking that went into it. [okay, I'm a big film buff... ] The top one is from The Untouchables another classic piece of filmwork. And the middle is from Pooh with HTML tags :-) .

10) I am a big believer in giving back to the community. I created the original Recover Cart Sales that you will find bundled with OSCMax and I activly participate in the forums when I have a chance (generally when I am working on our version of it, I keep a window open here so I can contribute back to the community). I have used OSCommerce MS1, MS2, CRELoaded and OSCMax. OSCMax offers the best bang for the buck, and is in my never humble opinion the best of all the OSC choices. Which explains why I use it as my base.

note: No, BIA is not interested in taking on any more clients at this time unless the project is real unique (and no store is that unique). Please don't PM me and ask. Like I said, I'm semi-retired and I really don't have the bandwidth for more clients. If you have a question, ask in public so everyone can benefit from an answer.