View Full Version : Download Controller Issue - Please Help

01-19-2006, 12:50 AM
Okay, I'm suppose to open my store, which sells only digital products, by Friday.

Problem is that I can purchase the products, but a download link does not appear.

To save time, I'll tell you what I've tried already

In cart admin, I have allowed downloads, and download by redirect (though I have tried turning off this option, same problem) I have changed my pub directory and the directory for downloads to both 755 and 777. Neither worked. I have insured that I put the URL in the line for it, for my download folder. I have given the product an attribute, and have added the file name in the attribute manager (correctly, checked and double checked) I have checked out paying by check, and then changed to Processing, Delivered and Updated. None of these work.
I have insured that the Updated has the same 100000 in the table, as well as in admin. I have checked an compared all files that download controller generally requires be edited, the files on my site against the original files from the install. They have not been altered.

Now I am at a complete loss. Not only do I not get the link, I don't get the message telling me that the link will come after payment is received.

I used this contribution when I was using oscommerce with no issues. Anyone?????