View Full Version : Manually installing an old installation?

08-10-2005, 05:33 AM

I have the following problem: I have a customized version of osCommerce and I want to change my Internet provider. Now, as install directory is deleted and my shop is heavily customized, I cannot install it the usual way (mainly through the browser). Are there instructions, what one needs to do to manually install osCommerce. Do any migration tools exist?

08-10-2005, 06:06 AM
Migration tool : FTP client. :)

FTP download all your files to your computer. Then upload all of them to your new server. Next, create a sql batch file of your exisiting database, and use it to create a copy of the DB on the new account. A good tool for this is phpmyadmin.

Finally, edit your configure.php files in the /catalog/includes and /catalog/admin/includes directories to use the new database name and login you created as well as the new server path information.

If you don't know how to do this, make sure you switch to a host that will do it for you (for free).

08-10-2005, 01:26 PM

You can also use the BACKUP in OSC to make a copy of the database (does a MYSQL DUMP) and use that "file" in phpmyadmin on the new site. Just "run" the file as an SQL query....

Good luck on the move!