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Mark Brandon
10-24-2011, 08:31 AM
There seems to be a little bug in ie (9)with "Admin Edit orders - customer - order totals" I want to add a price for the palet to the total. I get the drop down menu, enter "pallet" in the text box but when i enter the price ie freezes up and shuts down. This is not a pblm in firefox, it works fine.

10-24-2011, 10:44 AM
Is there any other message from IE? Or is it a standard Microsoft issue - just crash - no message.

I would strongly recommend using a decent browser like firefox or chrome (and since this is admin side - you should!).

It would also help to explain the issue in terms of the standard functionality of osCmax as I have no reference for what "pallet" you are referring to! Can you be more specific - perhaps a screenshot with some arrows pointing to the fields you are entering?

All in all, personally, I would use a better browser! But I would like to fix any bugs in osCmax that we can find so let me know if you have any more info.


Mark Brandon
10-25-2011, 12:35 AM
It's a standard Microsoft ie issue. You guys do a lot of work helping peoplesort out pblms, fixing bugs, developing etc... very appreciated by everybody.Its just a little problem I stumbled across whilst using the "wrongbrowser" and wanted to point it out.
I will try and be a bit more specific.

Whilst in admin (Oscmax 2.5) I go to customer orders, chose a specific customer(who has already made an order), click on edit order.

The edit order page opens. I then go to order totals, price of goods, transportcosts, and total.

This particular customer wants his goods to be shipped on a wooden pallet. I want to charge him 5€ for the cost of thepallet.

I then click on the + sign next to transport costs, another text boxappears beneath the transport costs text. I fill in pallet, and then the cost5.00.

As soon as i click, IE(9) goes in to a state of total confusion andcrashes. The browser restarts and if i try again the same thing happens.

(Needlessto say, this does not happen in firefox) everything edits fine and adjusts tothe new total.

Hope this is a bit more clear
Take care


10-25-2011, 12:06 PM
I followed your steps using IE9 and cannot reproduce the issue. It works just fine when I add Transport costs. No browser crashes, the field gets added properly and re-calculates the total to properly reflect the additional charge.

Whatever the issue, it is specific to your computer/IE setup (or you have not provided the exact steps to reproduce).

Make sure you test both in and out of IE compatibility mode. I tested both and could not reproduce your issue though.