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09-23-2010, 03:51 PM
version 2.0
--Changed database definitions of the fields so that the type of the ids in the product_bundles table is the same as the products_id in the products table. Also changed the products_bundles definition from tinytext to enumerated to save database space.
--Replaced hardcoded language in categories.php with defined language.
--Added capability of properly duplicating product bundles in categories.php.
--Added instruction for properly deleting a bundle.
--Added preview of bundle information in categories.php to match the one in product_info.php.
--If the same product is added to a bundle twice the quantities are combined so that only one line per subproduct exists in the product_bundles table which enables PRIMARY indexing on this table.
--Added headings for the Bundled products columns during edit, hid the fields for the subproduct ids, and disabled entry in the subproduct name fields to prevent possible errors that might be caused by tampering with these fields during entry/editing.
--Changed code that only allowed bundles to be nested one level to allow nesting to any level.
--Added code to prevent adding to a bundle another bundle that, directly or via nested bundles, contains the bundle being edited.
--Added code for checking bundle stock that was missing from checkout_payment.php.
--Added code to verify that a product marked as a bundle actually is one. If a product is marked as a bundle during editing in categories.php but no products are added to it the bundle will be changed to "no" while saving the product in the database.
--Bundle weight is calculated automatically from the products it contains when saving the bundle to the database.
--Added code for the packaging routines added to the shopping cart class by the UPSXML contribution so that information for bundle products comes from the products contained in the bundle.

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