View Full Version : help understanding product and attribute quantity

09-24-2009, 09:36 AM
Is there a way to have the attribute quanities effect the product quantities in oscmax 2.0.3? I created a product in my shop with 20 as its qaunitity. I created an attribute for it. I downloaded the csv file. I then added 10 for the attribute stock quantity. Uploaded the csv file again - no change to the main products quanity. Shouldnt it be 30 now???

...or is attribute stock count independent from the main products qaunity? Even when someone purcahses a attribute option?

...or do I have to manually adjust the product quanity everytime I add attribute stock quantity?


09-24-2009, 12:05 PM
No they are not the same as you can have many different attributes (using stock tracking) - each one is independent from each other.

Just because you have 10 regular plus 10 with "1GB RAM" 40 with "2GB RAM" and 30 that are "Red" and 30 that are "Blue" - does not mean you have 120 units......you may have 60...

5 w/no memory w/red
5 w/no memory w/blue
5 1GB -w/red
5 1GB -w/blue
10 2GB -w/red
10 2GB -w/blue
Total stock 60 units.....