View Full Version : adjusting dimensions for a product for ups

09-08-2009, 01:52 PM
ok i'm new to this area of upsxml and would like someone to help me on this. I would like to do some math on the total square inches of every product before that total square inches (Length x Width x Height) is sent to ups for shipping calculations. Does anyone know what a good starting point (file) to modify?


09-08-2009, 05:25 PM
Let me start by saying this is a really good module that I've used for years and it's worth the time in the long run to get it set up well and you'll get accurate quotes.

Your starting point for H W L depends on what you're selling but I modified "quick updates" to easily modify H W L. You can see my original contrib that I added here, but I have an updated version if you think it's something you'll use. The packaging routine on upsxml really works well and JanZ did a great job tweaking it.

Back to dimensions. You need to list your boxes under packaging first and you use the cost factor to prevent it from always picking the largest box. So if you have an item that is 46" L that needs a long box you would list a box that can take it but with a higher cost so it doesn't always use that box and it will only use that box when it is needed. Basically, for OS boxes. The dimensions are only key for OS ground and accelerated methods like 3 day or sooner. A 31x15x10 inch box is only going to factor at weight unless it's 3 day or sooner for example but a 60x10x16 factors at a much higher rate.

The way it works best is you list your items with actual or close to actual dimensions and weight for items that will be put into boxes and the packaging routine will calculate how many items will go into your available boxes. The other thing is items that ship on their own you list their box dimension and check them off as "ready to ship".

You should have a link under tools that says "ups boxes used" and it will show you the array created for each order so you can experiment and tweak items if you need.

Does that all make sense? It's probably worth your time to read the readme file in the UPSXML contrib. If you're using the latest Max I'm pretty sure it has the version I submitted to Mike in Nov which is the one I'm currently using so I can help you if you have questions.