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06-16-2009, 03:49 PM
Though I am normally a lurker on any forum I glance at, this one reminds me constantly to post an introduction. Here's hoping that after this post or the next it will cease to do so.

It's wonderful that a resource such as this one exists. I regret that my own level of expertise with this material is so low that I don't expect to be of much use to other forum readers except perhaps, hypothetically, in the sense of accurately preserving communal memory about a fix whose original post was migrated out of existence (like the infamous [to me] osCommerce Documentation by OSCdox :: osCommerce and osCMax documentation (http://oscdox.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=5579) - a post by Michael Sasek intended to help people send Paypal customers back to the right page in the shopping cart, post payment) that I both noticed and understood. Odds of such a specialized situation occurring seem slim, but I remain cautiously optimistic that I'll either learn enough to become marginally useful in some other way or that history will repeat and I can regurgitate some long-held tidbit of information like those I seek to nourish some other poor gormless newb and help him or her leap from the nest without the usual accompanying dull thud.

I'm almost done with the broad strokes of configuring an OscMax online store with about 20,000 different products/images and (thankfully) no product attributes at all. As I test the payment modules, I'm having some difficulties with the Paypal IPN handler/listener, as well as the issue the phantom file linked above is reputed to discuss.

Whatever file/url I use for IPN testing from Paypal as the location of the IPN handler/listener, I can't get any sort of evidence on my server side to see that anything happened.. nothing is writing to the paypal_ipn table. Some of the files are in inaccessible places, but even when I copy these files higher up in the site's structure and Paypal can send the IPN to its own satisfaction, no database entry reflects that anything happened.

Post payment
The other relatively major issue plaguing me at this point in testing is that when hypothetical customers transfer from checkout_confirmation.php to Paypal, log in, and make their payments, they are then transferred back to my site at checkout_process.php. When they press continue there, they are of course directed again to checkout_confirmation.php and prompted to pay again for their hypothetical purchases. Even hypothetical customers making hypothetical purchases tend to fly into unhypothetical murderous face-stabbing rages in this situation. I can find no way to reach the checkout_success.php page as currently configured except by actually typing in the url. This is especially aneurysm-inducing because it also takes place for the low-tech "mail me a money order" option. I just can't get to that checkout_success.php page except by typing it in by hand.

Additionally, when I go to view my orders, I see that they're all in a preparing status, which I can change manually by viewing the orders and selecting a different status option in a dropdown menu, but attempting to actually use the edit orders feature produces a

Fatal error: Call to undefined method manualCart::get_shiptotal() in /home/mtgabcc/public_html/cards/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/indvship.php on line 53

This seems to refer to
$shiptotal = $cart->get_shiptotal();

Any ideas on any or all of the above would be greatly appreciated.