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12-11-2002, 09:53 AM
This is a copy of my posting in the Oscommerce forum:

I am revisiting Oscommerce. As I remember, one of the hardest parts to getting Oscommerce to run is getting the paths correct. This confusion seems to start the moment we unzip the installation files. We have path names like catalog\catalog\ and admin\admin . I don't pretend to be an Oscommerce expert, but wouldn't it make more since to have path names like oscommerce\catalog\includes and oscommerce\admin\includes ?

There also seems to be a tep_docs/documentation which contains php code not documentation.

At this point I'm renaming the top admin and catalog directories and moving the second level admin and catalog directories to right under the Oscommerce directories.

Or am I missing something obvious? How do others install?

12-11-2002, 01:37 PM
First, the directory structure in the archive should not be an issue. This is covered in our installation guide, as to the proper files to upload, from what directories. Get it in the downlaods section. Although not obvious to a newcomer, the only dirs you want to upload are the ones with php files in them.

You should also pick up on the complete separation of the admin and catalog dirs. This is important, as it lets you know that they are completely independent scripts. They do not have to be anywhere near each other on the server. They simply share the same database.

Look at it this way:

/catalog - all files pertaining to the catalog end including:
readme files
/catalog - and the actual catalog scripts

same thing for the admin.

But, to make your life easier, read the guide first!