View Full Version : Authorize.net SIM Issue

02-25-2009, 05:08 AM
I am trying to set up the Authorize.net SIM option, to utilize their gateway with my OscMax and Osc shops. After payment is submitted via the gateway, the customer is returned to my checkout_process.php page but gets the dreaded error:
"There has been an processing error with your credit card. The credit card transaction could not be verified with this order. Please try again and if problem persist, please try another payment method."

This seems to be a common error around Osc forums. I read through all of the other posts here and on the Osc forums, and am clear on all configuration settings except for the MD5 Hash setting. I added a value to my Authorize.net settings, a word such as 'truck'. I then copied the exact text 'truck' and pasted it to my Osc-side Authorize.net payment module settings. After several attempts, it occurred to me that the value 'truck' might need to be converted to an MD5-Hash, so I found a website which converted it for me. I then ended up with the following value:

I pasted the above into my Osc Authorize.net payment module side, but still ended up getting the same error during checkout.

Can someone point me in the right direction?
Am I at least correct in how the MD5-Hash value needs to handled?