View Full Version : Dynamic MoPics problem.

02-14-2009, 08:35 AM

I have a Dynamic MoPics problem, here are my settings:

Dynamic MoPics
Title Value
Big Image Types gif
Thumbnail Image Types jpg
Big Images Directory images_big/
Thumbnail Images Directory thumbs/
Main Thumbnail In "Thumbnail Images Directory" false
Extra Image Pattern imagebase_{1}

I uploaded image files for both scenarios in the tutorial, and then I checked the image links to see where the images where loading from.

When I set "Main Thumbnail In "Thumbnail Images Directory"" true, nothing works; I get one product image that is unclickable; when I set it to false everything works almost like it should...

I used three addional images (green_1, _2, _3.jpg), images 1 and 3 crowd and slightly overlap image 2 (scaled to 175px × 233px).

On the product edit page the "Products Image:" field is locked out: when I click on the field to enter text,
a browse window opens. So I still have to upload at least one image via the admin panel.

I've also uploaded a green.gif to /images_big folder, and green.jpg, green_1, _2, _3.jpg, /thumbs folder, and /images folder.

With Main Thumbnail In "Thumbnail Images Directory" set to false, images are loading from:

The first image (with click to enlarge link) is here: /images/green.jpg
The three addional images are here: /images/thumbs/green_1.jpg
The popup is here: /images/images_big/green.gif

Thanks in advance.