View Full Version : general help/direction needed

01-30-2009, 09:15 AM
Hi all, I've lost my programmer just before we had the final details of my store nailed down. Although I know html and take care of the administrative aspects of the site, he never shared with me how to work any programming in the store- manage any files or add contributions. I'm a big do-it-yourself-er and usually pick up pretty quickly being self-taught but this stuff is a little overwhelming in that I know I could do major damage if I do something wrong. the intent was that my programmer was going to show me through everything but it didn't quite work out that way and I feel pretty clueless. My main tasks are to correct the variable weight contribution (I'm able to enter the different weights under the product attributes however it does not show a difference at check out); to understand the fedex options (do I need real time quotes? how do I get my SAM's CLUB Fedex discount to work?); and in general, how do i ensure that my shop is secure- both behind the scenes and for our customers). My stretch goal is to learn how to add other contributions, manage the files and back things up. I'm not sure that such a novice question has any right to even be on this site, however I wasn't able to find another option that seemed better. Can anyone recommend a resource or a way to learn the super basics that would allow me to do what I mentioned above? I appreciate anyone's help or direction as we have not been able to add the website portion of our store and I have spent way too much fruitless time on google instead of getting much needed sleep. At this point I would even consider paying for a service, however I really want to learn myslef and we are really short on cash to hire someone else as we just are opening our store now. (We could pay in cookies though!) Thanks in advance, Theresa