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11-25-2008, 07:02 PM
I developed a new website with OSCMax but now have a few questions about hosting it.

1. I have heard of VPN hosting. I think it means Virtual Private Network but my question is how important is this? I have a previous website with a host that uses VPN but honestly I am not happy with their service and am looking at two other hosting services now, Bluehost and Host Gator, but they don't offer VPN. My current host, Westhost, does.

2. PCI Compliance. I know PCI Compliance is important. I have checked with the two above hosts and have only received a response from one but their response is they are PCI Compliant but only Levels A and B and not levels C and D. Is this a problem for credit card transactions?

3. Dedicated IP-I have already purchased a SSL through RapidSSL so won't be using Shared SSL. To use my own SSL that I purchased do I need a dedicated IP? Both of the above offer it but for an extra cost.

I appreciate help with the above questions.

11-26-2008, 07:09 AM

Welcome to osCMax.com.

1. I think you are confusing VPN for VPS. VPN is typlically something you set up between your home network and office network so that you can directly access the files on all machines. That is not related to hosting, and unless you have a VPS or dedicated server, not something you would be likely to be able to set up.

VPS = Virtual Private Server. This is a virtual dedicated server environment, where you get full root access to the Virtual server. This is typically more secure than shared hosting and allows you to fully manage the setup (for pci compliance, custom applications, etc). It is a lot more flexible than shared hosting, but lacks the power of a dedicated server.

2. Typically shared hosting is only A & B compliant because of the client size that is hosted on this type of plan. Most are not required to be C & D compliant due to the low dollar amount processed yearly.

If you require C & D compliance, you are too big for such small time hosting and really should be looking a more appropriate solution. Typically that would be a private rack with your own hardware firewall, internal private netowrk, etc. Not gonna find that for $6.95 a month ;)

3. Yes, you will have to get a dedicated IP if you want to use a private SSL certificate. No way around it, the SSL protocol requires this.