View Full Version : Signup referring URL/METHOD question

12-03-2002, 11:16 AM
Love everything that youíve done for OSC.

One question for you though. Have you ever considered building a referrer contribution for OSC.

What I mean by referrer is a field in the invoice or signup process that tells the site admin how the user found the site.

Example: How did you find us?

Search Engine

Online Advert

Word of Mouth



If other, then they can type in in a empty box below the drop down.

Ultimately, this would be good if it could be configured in the admin section so that a shop owner can add or remove these referrers easily.

It would also be nice if this appears on the invoice in admin so that he/she can view how this particular order was sent to him/her.

Iíve checked through the contributions and havenít seen anything like this, so Iím searching for a developer that would be interested in developing this as a contribution.

Please advise if this is something that you might be interested in developing.

I really love OSC and find this is the only thing that is missing from the program. Not to mention, I feel it would help out quite a few shop owners determine where their advertising dollar is being spent.

Please advise.

Charles Edmunds