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09-08-2008, 11:01 AM
Hi All,

I have known about Oscommerce for some time and started a store with it a few years ago but never got round to finishing it.

I recently started a new store using the latest copy of OsCommerce only to realise that this OscMax was around.

I haven't done a massive amount of work on the site yet and wanted to know which one is better? OsC or OscMax?

I can see some interesting features on the OscMax but wanted to know if it is worth deleting the previous version and starting again with OscMax?

Can anybody help?



09-08-2008, 02:56 PM
I say DO IT!

OSCMAX is OSCommerce with many contributions pre installed for you. Out of the x contributions it comes pre installed with, maybe you will only use half of them, or a small fraction, but you should take a look on what comes with OSCMAX, and see how many of the contributions that come pre installed are worth it for you.

That alone can save you TONS of time of modifying a vanilla OSCommerce installation. I picked OSCMAX one year ago when starting my own store, and after a year I am positive I did the best pick I could have done!

09-08-2008, 10:33 PM
Thanks for that, it helps clear up some doubts i had about it.


09-09-2008, 04:20 PM
The bonus is - if you don't use a certain feature now - ignore it/don't use it - or turn it of the display of certain modules (ie affiliates). Then later - IF you need it - go ahead and use/activate it. No need to recode your site to add in the function later, then figure out issues/problem with the database/file/SQL statements etc...

Even if you don't use most of the extra modules/shipping/feature etc... YOU WILL use the included:
- WYSIWYG editor for your Mainpage, Conditions, Privacy, Shipping and Items.
- Built Dynamic Meta Tag Generator (so you don't have to manually do it).
- ADMIN security which does not exist in MS2 (but does in MS2a - but it still does not have the ability to have several ADMIN used with different levels of access - like OSCMAX does).
- BTS-Basic Template Structure - you do want to put your OWN touch to your site - right?

Just these FOUR items is enough for MOST people.

On top of that... compatible with MANY other "osCommerce MS2" contributions that are not already included (some you do have to make minor modification - like due to using BTS.). But with OVER 60 MAJOR contributions and DOZEN of other little changes/improvements already in....Many people - fiddle with changing BUTTON/GRAPHIC/COLOURS/CSS and in the setting in admin---are totally GOOD TO GO.

See SIG below for a FULL working demo ---and ADMIN interface too!!! ---osCommerce had a demo "admin" - but been down for 4 years or more......