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05-12-2008, 06:39 AM
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Ajax Search Suggestions

I just integrated this of my site Ajax Search Suggestions www.discounthandpowertools.co.uk I used
The osC_AJAX_Suggest_Package & Search_Box_Anywhere_22_November_2005 packages
And played with the code and come up with this.
I have created couple of buttons includes PNG files
any suggestion or more ideas would be good.

08-15-2008, 05:15 PM
One of the problems with the Ajax Search Suggest module is that it assumes the searcher is going to input their key words in the same order in which they appear in your product title. For instance, using the site above, one can easily type "air impact wrench" and be presented with the correct results for air powered impact wrenches. However, using the keywords "impact wrench" one is not given the same results, even though those terms are just as valid and should display the same results (if not broader to include the manual hand held impact wrench).

I do not have the technical savvy to propose a solution, I am merely pointing out a major short coming of this module. If you've got 10,000 product titles on your site, there is no way a potential customer is going to know the exact order of the titles so that they can arrange their keywords correctly.

Good module, just with a big limitation.