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04-08-2008, 11:40 AM
This is a new AJAX Language Verification release. It has a lot more functionlity, including encoding into double byte languages, and making buttons in the various languages on the fly, and copying images from one language folder to another.

It also has worked out a lot of the encoding issues.

Known bugs are:

* Text comes back from the ajax call in UTF8 (we think), and doesn't look great on browser (but if you refresh it looks good; so saving to the file was good)
* Apostrophes or single quotes: you need to escape out of single quotes: ' if you THINK that the define statement is done with single quotes... Once you have done a page you can refresh it and you will single ' or double " around some strings which have an 3+ number of '
* Complex insertions: on the same issue as above: 'Text here'."/n".'text there' ."/n" are tricky: you want to make sure that you end with a single quote in the above example (so Text here'."/n".'text there' ."/n". ').. the ajax will take care of adding the addional tail '
* 4- ˆ -- Any html-char will fail (& is used in get parameter)

Looking for solutions to these.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5831)