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04-04-2008, 05:50 PM
New features/Bug Fixes
2.0.4 BETA
A few mods done, here ; first of all, (Step 1) the code on product_info.php and auctions_bids.php has been changed; The higher bid notification now works well
Basically what was happening before is that all bidders under a higher bid were being notified of a higher bid, now only the second highest bidder
i notified.
I've also changed some code in relation to the emails that are sent out, making them more informative and content rich.
Again a language file could help here, but I can't be stuffed
STEP 6a)
The second (Thanks to JSR for pointing out this contribution by Joma Webdesign) Users who are trying to bid who have not yet logged in are now redirected to the auction page
after log in. Special thanks to Joma Webdesign.