View Full Version : oscmax as an intranet

03-18-2008, 02:05 AM
hi all,
just taking a look at the capabilities of this little package.
we are thinking of using oscmax as our intranet in the office.
using the front end for the sales people to use and place orders,
whilst our warehouse staff will deal with the backend to handle the packaging and shipping,
whilst our adminstrators will deal with invoicing stock control, daily offers and price adjustments.
any one ever done that before ?
any pointers ?
also, before landing on this site we were on oscommerce, and looking at their latest build, the V3.0 alpha 4, it seems very much still in development and probably not ready for our needs, but we do how ever like its looks and advancemnts over the earlier versions. it seems to be a very slow development. now here is my question... is oscmax upgrading to the 3 version of oscommerce, are there any advancements toward it ?
we would love to help in testing differnet aspects of it, but we dont have any webdevelopment expertise(hence out choice of an out of the box built solution)