View Full Version : admin login/password change.....how to?

10-15-2003, 06:12 PM
Hi all,

A couple of wierd things happening with the MS2-Max 1.5 build....I wanted to change the default admin/password combo(under catalog/admin/index.php) but I don't know where to modify it in the admin panel.....
Has anybody else encountered this problem b4?ur help is appreciated.
Thanks and Regards

10-16-2003, 05:34 AM
You can change your password by clicking my account in the upper left hand corner of your admin screen below the oscommerce/aabox logo

10-16-2003, 06:41 AM
I am not seeing a my account link anywhere on the admin, is this because I am running MS2-Max v.1.5?

I can't get into my admin at all, what do I do?

10-16-2003, 07:21 AM
did you use the default admin password??

11-09-2003, 05:54 PM
I agree this is quite ambiguous in the docs and release. You can login to the admin interface via


then you can change that pass by going to "My Account" second from the bottom on the center columb with the butterfly icon.

You need to put in your current pass "admin" and then you can change your current pass