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12-02-2007, 09:17 PM
Product Attribute Pictures (PAPs) v0.4 for osCommerce
by hanuman at Open Source Services
Demo at http://www.lannathaicrafts.com/plywood-doubleroof-gilded-spirit-house-p-60.html
Support and Forum at http://www.open-source-services.com/Forum/Product-Attribute-Pictures-PAPs-v0.4-for-osCommerce/

Full feature list:

- shows clickable thumbnails of product attribute pictures
- a clicked thumbnail creates a large copy of the thumbnail (like a gallery), WITHOUT RELOADING THE PAGE!
- attribute names and values can be either displayed next to pictures or hidden

- add/delete/preview product attribute pictures
- an unlimited number of pictures for multiple attributes can be grouped and managed together
- NEW IN v0.4 - you can set the number of pictures per row for each attribute of a product
- NEW IN v0.4 - you can add up to 5 pictures at a time

If you have photos of the different product attributes (e.g you might have an item available in
different colors), then this contribution provides a quick and easy way for your customers to look at all the different
attribute pictures on the product_info page using automatically generated thumbnails without having to refresh the whole
page each time they click a thumbnail. It can handle multiple attribute names and values.

There is an admin console to manage finding, adding and deleting product attribute pictures.

For a working example of this contribution, visit http://www.lannathaicrafts.com/plywood-doubleroof-gilded-spirit-house-p-60.html
and scroll down the page until you see the Product Options Viewing Area.


To use this contribution, you must meet the following prerequisites:

1) Your server must have the GD graphics library installed

2) You must be using product model numbers for your products.

3) All product attribute image files must be .jpg

This version was tested using osCommerce v2.2 RC1 with PHP v5.1.1 . It should work on other versions also.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5456)