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09-25-2007, 10:14 PM
Hey guys im new to this site i found the site actually searching for an answer to my question on google so i thought id ask since the last oscommerce forum i asked in didnt help me at all i didnt get a single answer.. So i searched around and wasnt able to find an answer hopefully someone here can help me out... I just opened up a store for my dad well im trying to open it up and this credit card payment is confusing me i heard that i need to get a account for the credit card payment is this true? and another question about that is how do i edit the credit card payment admin options when i go to the modules and payments and click edit i dont get much that i can change the only options i get is the send the middle digits to my email if i wanna accept credit cards and stuff like that nothing about any bank account numbers or anything how does this work? Please somebody if you know help me out i need to get this site up asap..

Thank you

09-26-2007, 12:03 PM

The default credit card module is an offline module. It does not and cannot process credit cards in real time. It is only used if you have a merchant account and no payment gateway, and intend on manually submitting the credit card numbers to your processor.

You would need to use the authorize.net module (or other real time cc module) to process credit cards in real time from your web site. In order to use one of these other modules you would need a merchant account and a payment gateway. Contact your bank regarding merchant accounts, etc.

09-26-2007, 02:43 PM
So basically i hope i understood this correctly, i have to install the authorize.net module and get the bank account for the credit card and then with the authorize.net edit option i can enter the needed information in order to accept credit cards on the site? Thank you for your help btw finally somebody helped me. oh and for this credit card account thing can it be from any bank? like IE bank of america? or is there a specific one.. and lets say i get a account from bank of america do i need to register that that account on authorize.net? or does it automatically register it there? or is authorize.net a completly different thing

09-26-2007, 03:51 PM
Hi, I think you are almost there with your understanding:

1. You need a business checking/savings account
2. Then you need a merchant account that links to your checking/savings account.
3. Next, to accept real-time over the internet, you need a payment gateway account.
4. Finally, you then enable the appropriate module in osCMax, depending on the payment gateway you have, and then enter in the gateway information.

So, when researching payment gateways, you want to make sure that osCMax is compatible with the gateway. The following gateways/processors are supported by default:


GeoTrust QuickPayments
PayBox Credit Card

09-26-2007, 06:55 PM
Ok so let me see if i get it this time... so basically first things first i need the business checking account with my bank... then after i get my checking account i have to get a gateway account which is whatever you listed right? as in authorize.net is a gateway? so after i get the gateway i input the information on oscommerce? i just noticed that u mentioned gateway andd merchant account if im not mistaken wasnt the merchant account the bank account that im supose to get?

09-26-2007, 08:38 PM
Re-read the steps that c.h.u.d. posted. Each one is required and each one is separate.

You need one each of these:

1. Checking account
2. Merchant Account
3. Payment Gateway

The gateway allows your website to post payments to your merchant account, which in turn will deposit the money to your checking account. That is how it works, and if you want to process cards in real time not using a third party (like paypal) you have to have all of them.

09-26-2007, 09:02 PM
I understand the steps but im just having trouble understanding what each one is such as what is the merchant account what is the gateway how do i get each one? where do i get each one?


08-05-2008, 03:46 PM
When I setup my own merchant account they had their own Oscommerce module to be added that they provided, which was very easy to add to Oscommerce, so it is possible that installing the authorize.net option in OSc may not be the answer your looking for. Once you select a payment processor to setup a merchant account with I would search their forums to see if they have a module add on for Osc specifically. Also regardless of what company you choose to set up a merchant account with, you are going to need to tackle the issue of SSL, which can be an even bigger can of worms, but without it your merchant account will get suspended until it is resolved, as this is a requirement by Mastercard and Visa that all payment processors must enforce. Personally I use Merchant Plus as my company and their fees were the cheapest I found and the setup was easy, but regardless of who you select I would do some reading up on installing SSL on Osc, as that is what seems to pose the biggest problems in getting it done correctly so that way when you are ready to commit to a merchant account you are completely prepared to handle the SSL installation as well.