View Full Version : ms2-max UPGRADE PACKAGE--

09-18-2003, 11:22 AM
I just installed the upgrade package and everything is looking really good. The features are great!! I haven't tried them all out, but from what I see, they will be good too. I really like the way the category box looks compared with the OSC default. The printable catalog look really cool too.

One problem I had with the install (on my end, and not with the package) -- I'm using WS_FTP to file transfer. It did not overwrite many of the files. If it thought it was newer, it did not upload the file. I manually went through and transferred the files and everything seems to be OK now.

Also, the only other problem I found is that in the printable catalog, you are allowed to sort in various ways. I receive a page not found error when when I try to re-sort. I haven't checked this out, but I am wondering if the directory may be protected and I have to change the rights to it. Michael, do you think that could be the problem?? and if so, which one directory?

Thanks AABox and MSasek for a wonderful product.