View Full Version : Adding a Special w/o adding it to the Products

08-04-2007, 07:51 AM

I am wondering how I can add the Special "All $8 Software is 10% Off" so that my store automatically deducts the 10% without having to add each and every software item to the specials. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

08-04-2007, 09:31 PM
As I don't know anything that would do that, it's a nice idea for a new module.

The other potential option is to put up an infobox that has a coupon code in it so that everyone can use it and then set it to be used only with a set of products listed in a "specials" category. Then make links to that category for anything you want on special to be covered by that coupon (this is just a wild ass guess, as I don't know of the coupon would affect all the products in the cart, or just those in the category... I don't use em, but that would be a first test I would run).

One other option would be to add a piece to the admin that would give you the ability to put things on special by a group query to the database... so you enter the criteria and it pulls a list from the database and then allows you to set everything on that list as a special.