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  1. How to change the document title and description?
  2. Looking for OsCmax stores that work with Amazon
  3. [Core Hack] EasyPopulate osCmax Specific Edition
  4. Allow customers to post products
  5. [Core Hack] Recaptcha Create Account
  6. is possible Nivo Sliver for oscmax?
  7. [Core Hack] Stop store pickup form being selected by defualt
  8. google feedmachine
  9. [Core Hack] Copy reviews to other products
  10. Need Help Please - OSCMAX v2.5 - Trying to add an input field on the contact us page for the customer to input their phone number
  11. More Intuitive Way Of Managing Attribute Stock
  12. [Mod Request] Categories Mod
  13. [Mod Installation] Multi-stores add-on
  14. osCmax on iPad - running on localhost
  15. [Mod Installation] Database Import Tool
  16. Order Editor -- edit subtotals grand total and tax total--- can it be done?
  17. [Mod Request] Date added Mod with calendar
  18. [Mod request] Custom Meta Tags per category and per product
  19. Meta Description mod for Product pages
  20. MVS (Multi Vendor Shipping) for osCmax V2.5
  21. product_info_tpl.php
  22. Delivery Timetable Module for OSCmax?
  23. [Core Hack] IP Trap for osCmax
  24. Bundled Products...where are they in 2.5.2?
  25. MIGS VPC Client (cc_via_migs) - Secure Hash Problem
  26. [Mod Request] MVS for OSCMax 2.5
  27. [Core Hack] Sales Report Add-on
  28. addding text to checkout page?
  29. what is this code?
  30. shipping weight in oz ?
  31. Get $_SESSION Variable
  32. check All button in Attribute Manager
  33. Which Contribution is used for Grid/List?
  34. [Mod Installation] FAQ System for 2.5.3
  35. Add corner banners to the Specials Module on your index page
  36. Looking for Gift Vouchers module
  37. EPDQ Barclaycard for oscmax?
  38. How I can add a catalog to my index page (at header or footer)
  39. Minimum Order Amount for OscMax v.1
  40. Fedex Web Services
  41. [Mod Request] Ultimate Seo Urls 5 PRO
  42. OzPost for oscMax
  43. Need Help Getting Custom Code to Work in Product Info Tab
  44. [Mod Installation] SagePay Form Module Installation
  45. Calculate Australian GST tax
  46. Canadian taxes and tax zones
  47. [Mod Installation] Installed HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.3.0 on OSCmax store 2.5.3
  48. different tare weights
  49. Separate Shipping per product
  50. Sort product listings by low price by default
  51. [Custom Mod] Easy/Quick Bulk Editor based on Database Columns
  52. Display pricing for different groups in product_info
  53. [Mod Request] Prices for Logged-In Users Only at Product Level
  55. [Mod Request] QTPRO for oscmax?
  56. Hiring/wanted: Custom Development
  57. Adding email & Phone # to order confirmation email 2.5.3
  58. [Core Hack] Turn off email wishlist?
  59. Bestsellers page?
  60. Information pages - Group sensitive
  61. Is there a mod for product sets (ie. 4 products = 1 set)?
  62. Google map with sliding Streetview
  63. [Mod Installation] Add customer ID# to order details & customer page
  64. [Core Hack] Who's Online Patch
  65. [Core Hack] Extended Call (Contact) For Price
  66. Changing image in header depending on the page that is open
  67. Add border around product image in product listing.
  68. removing product filter box
  69. Change sort order when adding to cart
  70. link echange manager
  71. Different pricing for different referrer / channels?
  72. Bitcoin
  73. V2.5.3 and Quickbooks
  74. Multiple Products Manager v2.7
  75. [Core Hack] Changing the quantity field to allow decimals
  76. send customer to checkout_shipping.php after registering
  77. Certain Customer Group upon registration?
  78. Customer Account Statements
  79. Need to make entire header change for each product
  80. Other max languages that are not listed on the main page?
  81. [Mod Request] Customer File Upload
  82. osCmax 2.5.4 Unofficial Release
  83. Shipping cost in shopping cart
  84. Problems with Linkpoint Connect API
  85. [Mod Installation] Installing KissMT on V2.5
  86. [Core Hack] Add Password Resets To Customer Log
  87. Product Cost (My actual Cost) adding to DB
  88. NAB Transact no longer recording sales in database
  89. out of stock order charge
  90. [Mod Installation] Help with tep_db_query adding Microdata
  91. resizing product thumbs on product info page
  92. [Core Hack] Max per order
  93. Make cart left column appear on another site
  94. Make categories and products appear on home page listed by category
  95. Get real authentic passport, visa, driving license, id cards and many others documents here.
  96. 2.3 version images function
  97. [Template Hack] Specials Countdown Timer
  98. Make an info box appear on it's own page.
  99. [Mod Request] Multiple users under one account
  100. [Core Hack] Admin Enhancement Patch #1 - Session timeout & Reset configuration cache
  101. Add a set-up fee to product cost
  102. Quantity Box on Product Listing Page
  103. Product listing page help needed
  104. Using nmi.com as a payment processor
  105. Textbox
  106. Charge order numbers for the new year
  107. [Mod Installation] Authorize.net (AIM) Update for osCmax 2.5.4
  108. template_top and template_bottom in oscommerce mods for osCmax
  109. MVS Multi Vendor Shipping oscommerce add-on
  110. [Template Hack] Print a PO
  111. [Mod Installation] EU VAT TVA Intracom -> oscmax 2.5.4 = please help
  112. Quick-Stock-Updater V3.8.5 with supplier table cost and sell price calculations
  113. Oscommerce 2.3.4 core files to OscMax ?
  114. [Mod Installation] Display prices Excl. & Incl. TAX
  115. Store Manager for Oscommerce by Emagicone is now free...
  116. Easy Populate - Enabling Extra Fields
  117. Mobile Browser Support - Best Option
  118. Google Rich Snippets - Structed Data
  119. Customer comments
  120. css2php.php
  121. Scaling Images Dynamically in SlideShow
  122. One Page Checkout -> Checkout.php Customer Info all there expect email?! Purposed Solution?
  123. making a new payment method for x-charge
  124. Scaling images dynamically
  125. Adding form label to forms, such as contact us page
  126. To make site ADA compliant where do I add alt text to the spacer gif?
  127. Crazy HREF idea
  128. Extra manufacturer fields?
  129. Category dropdown?
  130. EPF question
  131. Affiliate program geneology
  132. Custom mods
  133. Responsive for mobile
  134. [Template Hack] Wanted - stock quantities to show up in Admin/Catagories list
  135. Calculate slaes tax by city rather than state
  136. MoPics and remote images
  137. Customer extra fields
  138. Add a SKU/UPC to each product OPTION
  139. reorder a product
  140. Must Accept Terms on Create_account page
  141. osCMax Easy Working Returns RMA system module?
  142. Create a featured products page to display outside of OSCMax
  143. Media screen css not working on mobile device
  144. need help with code for Google microdata
  145. Secure Password Hash Mod
  146. [Template Hack] Remove cart feature
  147. Importing Accountedge (MYOB) from osCmax
  148. Add flat rate service fee
  149. [Mod Installation] Adding shipping boxes to UPS and FEDEX
  150. [Mod Installation] Updating UPS to version 1.5 from osCmax 1.2b
  151. [Mod Installation] Adding Shipstation to osCmax 2.5.4 by converting a ZenCart module Canada & US shipping options
  152. Move Quantity Price Box to left under product name.
  153. [Mod Installation] eShipper integration with osCmax 2.5.4
  154. [Mod Installation] Shipping Estimator update for 2.5.4
  155. RSS Feed
  156. MIGS Bendigo Bank Credit Card - SHA256 or MD5?
  157. Internet-shop as a currency exchange
  158. [Mod Installation] Sloppy Words Cleaner, fix upper/lower case customer errors
  159. [Mod Request] Address, postal code lookup
  160. Free Shipping per product per county
  161. [Mod Installation] osCMax 2.0 register global fix
  162. [Core Hack] Google Sitemap XML
  163. Auto parts type of store - hardware, electronic components, etc - how to list on oscMax?
  164. Adding client image to product
  165. Add new products module and featured module to front page when oscmax is in a sub-folder