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  1. Affiliate signup problem
  2. [Admin Issue] Email is not being sent when orders are updated by me or customer
  3. Product name missing from order
  4. Region missing from German postal addresses
  5. [Catalog Issue] osCmax 2.5.4 Fedex module broken?
  6. Product extra fields
  7. Order total free shipping gives free shipping based on total including tax rather than sub total
  8. Company Name and Tax ID issue
  9. One page checkout and Paypal Standard
  10. Shipping problem
  11. [Admin Issue] Admin not accepting paswords
  12. Upgraded to PHP 5.4 and now having problems
  13. Moved host and now have a strange issue
  14. [Admin Issue] Admin edit_orders.php Blank file
  15. "confirmation password does not match the password"
  16. Shipping not being added on checkout_confirmation
  17. osCmax Security Vulnerabilities Notification
  18. Problem with USPS in v2.5.4
  19. Meta Tag issue ??
  20. Where do the SEO URL's come from??
  21. Recapcha
  22. Paypal TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 compliant ?
  23. [Admin Issue] Unable to update Currency exchange rates - localization.php
  24. Cart in header doesn't change when add to cart button is pushed --only with buy now button
  25. Articles - ckEditor
  26. 1364 - Field 'country_code' doesn't have a default value
  27. New problem! - Addthis function conflict with add to cart
  28. PayPal purchase shows in store, but PayPal has no record of transaction
  29. Pages are blank
  30. Are there limits to Attribute Manager?
  31. [Catalog Issue] Customer doesn't allways see shipping cost in checkout
  32. [Catalog Issue] Time to update SQL database engine from myISAM to InnoDB structure for osCmax?
  33. Paypal charges double shipping
  34. [Catalog Issue] Currency changes to default on checkout
  35. [Admin Issue] Error in admin/countries.php osCmax 2.5.4
  36. [Catalog Issue] Categories list not updating as expected...until manual cache file deletion
  37. New products sort issue
  38. PayPal requesting an upgrade ...
  39. usps problem?
  40. [Catalog Issue] Duplicate Orders
  41. Blank Admin screen
  42. Problema con valor de precios
  43. Can't Login When Session ID is within the URL
  44. Required Options / attributes
  45. [Catalog Issue] PayPal Payment for France, Metropolitan
  46. 7 Year old OscMAX store now only blank pages
  47. [Catalog Issue] Pathetic Blanket SSL Enforcement
  48. [Catalog Issue] Code showing in Gift Voucher and Coupon window
  49. [Catalog Issue] Customer can't reopen shopping cart if incomplete checkout
  50. Prices in catalog showing as 0 zero, oscmax 2.5.4, php 5.6.27
  51. USPS Shipping method oscmax 2.5.4 not showing method descriptions
  52. [Admin Issue] Orders: Province in Albania posted for invoice instead of correct Canada/US province/state
  53. Order Process confirmation email not sending [2.5.4 and 2.5.5], other emails do send
  54. [Catalog Issue] Chrome - Confirmation Password does not match
  55. [Admin Issue] Authorize.net SIM doesn't return to checkout page
  56. Need to update Authorize.net AIM HELP PLEASE
  57. [Catalog Issue] invoice pdf produces sample invoice
  58. [Catalog Issue] Recaptcha has changed - March 31, 2018 - original version no longer working
  59. [Catalog Issue] FedEx rate quote too small
  60. [Catalog Issue] security info left in cache file
  61. Category Picture quality
  62. [Admin Issue] Rogue File?
  63. accent mark in name supresses that line is ship to address
  64. Error Refreshing the Shopping Cart / Final Product Listing