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  1. Fedex web Services in OsCmax 2.5.2 - Blank Checkout Page
  2. Problem with the flat rate shipping module
  3. Problems importing oscommerce customer database into oscmax
  4. Cant Install osCmax
  5. [Catalog Issue] After Upgrading to 2.5.1, orders are not coming in and no updates
  6. Cant get slideshow working
  7. customer_group settings and payment modules on v2.5.2
  8. the SPPC's price breaks can't show normal
  9. Stock not getting substracted
  10. Bug on affiliate banners?
  11. Invoice PDF - not showing currency sign only in order total
  12. [Catalog Issue] Possible security issue in checkout process?
  13. Imposible activate the SEO URLs, why?
  14. [Catalog Issue] Facing problem in Customer Loyalty Discount
  15. Facing problem with Extra Product Fields
  16. [Catalog Issue] Coupon displaying message
  17. hack - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: Undefined index:
  18. open_basedir restriction in effect
  19. Authorize.Net module transactions not showing up in Unsettled Transactions
  20. [Admin Issue] Option Out of stock does not show on product info
  21. Really need help with Authorize.Net
  22. Internet Explore Killing Store Performance - Urgent Fixes
  23. syntax error shows up sometimes on orders in admin/customers/orders.php
  24. Obfuscated.F potentially unwanted application (Problem)
  25. Server Time setting
  26. Why Password Reset NOT Working - Fix Please
  27. [Installer Issue] Problems with upgrades from 2.0.25 to 2.5.x - broken and missing files.
  28. [Catalog Issue] [Session (?)] Problem with login if login.php is first SSL call
  29. [Catalog Issue] Edit Address State Dropdown Not Changing
  30. [Admin Issue] Disable Catagories - v2.5.2 - is it working?
  31. Paypal IPN stock attributes do not get subtracted
  32. I get NO GD every time I try to upload a product image...
  33. Product listing header displays incorrectly
  34. Is customer Edit working for you? (oscMax 2.5.2)
  35. Paypal Express not using correct shipping address
  36. product attributes cost not totaling up correctly
  37. [Catalog Issue] Sometimes oscMax charges postage, sometimes it doesn't
  38. Discount Coupon / Free shipping
  39. Contact us for products with -1 (request for quote items)
  40. [Catalog Issue] Puerto Rico not treated as country by PayPal...
  41. [Catalog Issue] Click to enlarge (Slimbox) shows blank page
  42. [Catalog Issue] Slimbox shows blank page, need help..
  43. Customer login often does NOT work!
  44. [Admin Issue] Where exactly is /tmp in Cache Control defined?
  45. [Admin Issue] Best Customer Orders-Total Report not working
  46. [Catalog Issue] Index Page Articles - Limit to latest Article
  47. [Catalog Issue] How does customer change a Pending Order to update, delete, or process?
  48. [Catalog Issue] What's New Page not showing the new product
  49. in revision r1894 show seperator, is correct?
  50. r1896, need more translations?
  51. Database Table Missing on Newly Installed Store
  52. Problems with hosting in Ireland
  53. No orders in Admin section v2.5.2
  54. [Catalog Issue] When Company option allowed the Company name and tax id shows as required...
  55. [Admin Issue] Not sending Order notification emails to another email address 2.5.2 vs 2.0.25
  56. Compromise theme - In the
  57. Bug with function addTaxShippingDisplay
  58. Xml sitemap admin
  59. [Catalog Issue] Address Format and Address Line 2 - Suburb (Admin and Catalog issue)
  60. order editor white page
  61. Need to specify language in url
  62. Order Editor adds low order fee but wont allow removal of low order fee
  63. Bots do not show in whois even when checkmarked
  64. Order Totals Not Writing to Database
  65. Quantity Blocks displaying but not adding to basket correctly
  66. [Catalog Issue] usps module updates required 01/27/13
  67. One Page Checkout Freezes in IE8
  68. Affiliate Banner Broken Image and Mysql Error
  69. Problem with article manager redirect url
  70. Upgrade from 2.5 RC1 to 2.5 RC2
  71. Spanish Language issues
  72. Free Shipping Problem 2.5.2
  73. [Catalog Issue] PayPal payment falsely registered....PayPal IPN v2.4
  74. Images problem
  75. [Catalog Issue] Coupon can be used multiple times by single customer when set to single use
  76. buy now button cant be turned off?
  77. Upload additional images failed with message - Access Denied
  78. Phone ORder
  79. Cart not workign In IE Browser
  80. Shipping value does not update with selection
  81. Printable Catalog prices have 0's after price, such as 99.9900
  82. forum problems?
  83. FILENAME_ACCOUNT_HISTORY_INFO in customers emails
  84. image replaced by "default" only on product page
  85. Missing Images Report
  86. [Catalog Issue] Updating Shipping Methods USPS Fedex
  87. SEO Urls enabled brings blank product pages
  88. error message in Admin
  89. [Admin Issue] Easy Populate Error
  90. [Admin Issue] Internal Server Error on categories.php
  91. Accidental deletion - need help!
  92. Problem Using SEO friendly URLs and www redirect together
  93. [Catalog Issue] Google Checkout
  94. [Admin Issue] Problems with Shipping Module
  95. Prices rounded up from £5.99 to £6.00 etc Solved
  96. admin pull-down menus flaky on Firefox
  97. Database Error
  98. [Catalog Issue] white page on checkout
  99. PDF Invoice/Picking Slip generating Different Order !
  100. Customers Table Randomly Empties Itself
  101. [Admin Issue] Chinese language Issue -- The chinese in datebase can not list in proper
  102. Down for Maintenance now all blank pages.....
  103. Who's Online 3.6.6 not showing active cart
  104. Product not found! message after clicking buy now on products in the Also Purchased box
  105. [Catalog Issue] New Products sort order changed after clicking on Buy Now button in new products
  106. error in specials infobox
  107. Mainpage Blank on refresh v2.5.3
  108. [Catalog Issue] SEO pop out menu - reverse alphabetical sorting
  109. [Catalog Issue] Category Parent Not Displaying in SEO URL
  110. Problem with canada as home country
  111. [Admin Issue] Tweak: Image Regenerator
  112. stock V.2.5.3 store - is there an update for usps?
  113. [Catalog Issue] Tax rates not updating...
  114. Image Zoom not working - site wide
  115. FWR menu not showing
  116. [Catalog Issue] Ajax error
  117. Error when adding an image to product
  118. SVN Setting for latest build?
  119. Worldpay one page checkout
  120. [Catalog Issue] SEO URLs and Product not Found show HTTP Status of 200, not 404.
  121. Corner Banner Issue - less than 15% not showing
  122. Left column on checkout
  123. Extra Product Fields: Text Area - Content not saved when adding/editing product
  124. [Admin Issue] Individual Shipping is FUBAR and has entirely different functionality!
  125. tell_a_friend.php vulnerability
  126. [Catalog Issue] Ghosting Info Box
  127. Main Product Image Not Showing
  128. [Catalog Issue] Latest Product Sort Order bug
  129. NAVBAR_TITLE: on product pages
  130. Checkout / Payment Gateway Issue
  131. 2.5.3 Confirm Order button error: Confirmation Password does not match the password
  132. 2checkout module: Your payment seems to come from other site then 2CheckOut . Please do not continue the checkout procedure AND contact us
  133. Need o display error message on onepagecheckout page
  134. Delivery Tax Being Added Twice to Payment Gateway!!!
  135. Login problem in 2.5.3
  136. Product image not displaying
  137. [Catalog Issue] Hackers are sending spam
  138. Stock with options not being subtracted
  139. RE old closed post "session problem login i login.php first ssl call
  140. [Catalog Issue] Login infoBox SSL flaw
  141. the whos_online.php can not use anymore
  142. [Admin Issue] Temp folder showing writable in Easy populate but the file permission is showing to be set at 755
  143. Fedex Web Services
  144. [Catalog Issue] Password confirmation error on checkout when logged in already!
  145. Upgrade 2.5.2 to 2.5.3 Issue: 1054 - Unknown column 'info_cg_hide' in 'field list'
  146. EMERGENCY HELP - Live Website: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax and other errors
  147. [Catalog Issue] paypal
  148. Customers Password does not work
  149. Error in language in core php
  150. error on seo url ultimate
  151. [Catalog Issue] Seo Urls - Sitemap
  152. oscmax not working with PHP 5.4
  153. Prices in the site
  154. Also purchased products - language
  155. [Admin Issue] MailChimp: Unable to load listSubscribe()! Code=250 Msg=COUNTRY must be provided - Please enter a value
  156. phpThumb Product Image Error
  157. Which versions of oscmax are compatable with php 5.4 andmySQL 5.5
  158. [Catalog Issue] Item not added to shopping cart sometimes - OSCMax 2.5.2
  159. Autofill Does not work - i.e Chrome
  160. [Catalog Issue] Page number not displaying in option 2 of Prev/Next Navigation.
  161. Tax zones replacing state names in orders
  162. [Catalog Issue] Cannot turn off Flat Rate shipping
  163. Problems with Quick Price Updates for SPPC v 1.1 mod
  164. Migs Integration failed!
  165. Search box not working with polish charcter
  166. Problems with JustHost and BlueHost
  167. Prices display as 0
  168. cant change customers password from admin v2.5.3
  169. Problems with shared SSL after updating server to PHP 5.3
  170. [Admin Issue] Model not showing in PDF invoice - osCmax 2.5.2
  171. No Credit Card Info on One Page Checkout
  172. SSL error on checkout_shipping.php
  173. Yahoo/Gmail implementing DMARC policy
  174. Edit Customer - Page won't load
  175. Issue with IPInfoto
  176. Trying to use ReCaptcha with Account Creation
  177. [Admin Issue] Orders Not Showing in admin
  178. Site showing error even though Authorize.net approves transaction
  179. [Admin Issue] Products Attribute bug when using Quotes
  180. [Admin Issue] Products Attribute bug when using Quotes
  181. [Admin Issue] More of a problem I am having, and not a bug (I don't think it is)
  182. PDF packing Slip / No Logo
  183. [Admin Issue] Monthly Sales Report bug
  184. [Catalog Issue] The downloadable products directory does not exist
  185. [Catalog Issue] Confusing White Screen Of Death
  186. [Catalog Issue] Email Received: Order Error: Please forward to I.T. Web Experts
  187. [Admin Issue] Order Information Issue After Upgrade to 2.5.3
  188. unable to open one category in admin
  189. Paypal Express Checkout
  190. [Admin Issue] Glitch in the weight field possibly?
  191. [Admin Issue] Extra Order Emails/Confirmation emails
  192. Problem with USPS in v2.5.4
  193. down for maintenance not working
  194. Edit Affiliate Account
  195. [Admin Issue] WSOD with Who’s Online
  196. [Admin Issue] Affiliates Banner link and logo issues
  197. [Catalog Issue] Buyer login fails
  198. image manager only resizes one image at a time
  199. Discounts not showing up in customer baskets...
  200. [Admin Issue] Unable to Edit Products Descriptions - CKEditor & IE8
  201. Easy Populate v_products_image data does not load into db images not visable
  202. SSLv3 has security leak and Authorize.net will not accept payments , what version does oscmax use?
  203. Upgrade from 2.5.3 to 2.5.4 - only 44 SQL queries
  204. [Admin Issue] Problem with configuration.php?
  205. [Admin Issue] Admin/Modules/Shipping Modules problem osCmax 2.5.2
  206. Tell a friend "@" missing from Your Friends E-Mail Address:
  207. article sub-topics lead to an error page
  208. Authorize_aim-2.1 stopped working on 12/9
  209. [Admin Issue] customers_extra_fields.php in adminthrows an SQL error - V2.5.3
  210. oscdox.com is broken...
  211. [Admin Issue] Problem with 2.5.4 upgrade - admin/includes/header.php
  212. Promo Code 0$ value
  213. UPS Rates Issue
  214. [Admin Issue] Upgrade script problems
  215. [Catalog Issue] Chrome/Chromium Browser Mixed Content Bug
  216. occasional PayPal purchases don't complete on the store
  217. [Admin Issue] Problem with messageStack not displaying - localhost Xampp 5.6.3, OSX Yosemite 10.10.2
  218. authorize.net aim 2.1 and php5.4 problems??!!
  219. Problem with Images Not Showing (Cloudzoom)
  220. [Admin Issue] Minor code query: relates to ckeditor product description
  221. phpmailer/sendmail
  222. What is the purpose of the column customers_login in the customers table ?
  223. [Catalog Issue] SEO URL - rewrite type = standard working, rewrite type = rewrite NO
  224. [Admin Issue] Whos online - blank page when anyone is online in frontend
  225. Searching in this forum
  226. HTML showing on the invoice.
  227. [Admin Issue] Phone Order / Order editor
  228. [Admin Issue] Problem with configuration in admin/includes/configure.php
  229. [Catalog Issue] Down for Maintenance
  230. Product description not showing up in admin
  231. [Admin Issue] *URGENT* Request for bug confirmation: Product Weights
  232. SSL problems....
  233. Single Page checkout/OPC/Ajax One Page checkout slowwwww...
  234. [Catalog Issue] Security issue found! cross domain login as a customer
  235. Order Totals Do Not Add Up When Using A Discount Coupon
  236. Checkout - Drop down states issue
  237. [Admin Issue] Phone number not always added to order page
  238. [Catalog Issue] Customer's email address should not be case sensitive for logging in...
  239. Round Robin problem
  240. Chrome Problems and possible fixes
  241. $currency is NULL
  242. $ip_address is NULL
  243. [Admin Issue] Product Tabs issue in categories.php
  244. htaccess vulnerability
  245. admin/categories.php
  246. Errors found by turning off the KISS error handler
  247. [Catalog Issue] Customers having trouble with passwords...(2.5.4)
  248. Deleting category title remains
  249. osCmax Redirects appear to be broken...
  250. Making OSCMax compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act