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  1. what is js/oader.js for?
  2. What is the difference between the three different paypal payment modules?
  3. Help understanding JavaScript file attachment for fallback on Oscmax
  4. Is this JavaScript file suppose to be a part of osCmax?
  5. [Catalog Issue] How can we set up the home page of Oscmax to have multiple New product boxes?
  6. Looking for a solution on sending out PDF invoice once an order is in pending status...
  7. Ms sql?
  8. Help installing suPHP
  9. Animated gif or jpg
  10. [Server/Hosting Issue] Order confirmation email
  11. [Catalog Issue] Mainpage Displays correctly - Product pages No Show
  12. How does one setup meta tags in oscmax 2.5.2?
  13. Blank page = PHP error, but I can't find where, nothing in logs
  14. Unable to set default country displayed during create account?
  15. New Products that are linked to categories appear multiple times in whats new / new_products.php
  16. Where is PayPal Express in osCmax 2.5.2?
  17. [Installer Issue] Upgrade from 2.5.rc1 to 2.5.2 issues
  18. can i upgrade from oscommerce ?
  19. Solution for this issue
  20. why have images dissapeared
  21. Give solution for the issue
  22. Error in discount program
  23. Issue in using datepicker in admin
  24. [Server/Hosting Issue] White Screen of Death after index page
  25. issue in fixing discount expire date
  26. osCmax 2.5.3 Timescale
  27. Orders Not Registered in Admin
  28. Fixing checkbox inside dropdownlist
  29. Brand new installation - index page text sitting way down the front page
  30. upgrade from 2.5.1 to 2.5.2
  31. more image problems
  32. oscmax on WAMP issue
  33. Failed opening required 'includes/languages//add_ccgvdc.php'
  34. [Admin Issue] 2 installs, just blank scren for admin
  35. no order emails and orders not showing up in my admin?
  36. [Admin Issue] TIME and DATE issue
  37. Installation Help - receiving compatibility error!
  38. [Catalog Issue] When should one use SSL? Customers having trouble with logins.
  39. Strange characters after installation (Spanish language)
  40. Product Sort Order
  41. [Catalog Issue] Site Transfer Problems
  42. [Installer Issue] Problem after installation
  43. SEO problem after upgrading from 2.0.25 to 2.5.3
  44. [Admin Issue] Separate language subfolders on OSCMAX store : is this possible?
  45. [Admin Issue] Google checkout setup
  46. URL Changes During Upgrade: Can we keep the old URL's?
  47. [Installer Issue] Undoing osCmax installation
  48. Klarna Module
  49. [Installer Issue] Password forgotten
  50. [Catalog Issue] Shipping Tax Mismatch ?!
  51. [Admin Issue] Category Titles Showing in Description Box
  52. Configuration Problem or Gateway Problem ?
  53. How Add new Language to OSCMAX?
  54. Sort by model or price
  55. Layout Problem
  56. problem with admin/orders.php action=update order
  57. How to upgrade
  58. Problem with 2.51 to 2.52 upgrade
  59. [Admin Issue] restrict USPS shipping to certain countries ?
  60. [Admin Issue] shipped order shows as "Delivered"
  61. Upgrading 2.5.1 to 2.5.2
  62. I need version 2.5.1
  63. [Installer Issue] Multi Vendor Shipping / Drop Ship
  64. [Installer Issue] Upgrading Unknown / Really Old Installation
  65. Intuit/GoPayment and Google Checkout
  66. Any extension or easy way to do this?
  67. [Server/Hosting Issue] Upgrading software and server
  68. [Catalog Issue] Cannot Sign In : Configure.php issue?
  69. Payment Express issue
  70. PHP 5.4.4 and osCmax 2.5.3 issue
  71. Questions about features...
  72. Products Cost of Products, Markups and Deal of the Day
  73. Meta tags title description how to display measurements lots of them
  74. v2.5 RC1 Upgrade
  75. Home Page problem
  76. Oscmax 2.5 error message
  77. Images/big problem
  78. [Admin Issue] Error Message Loading Cataloge/Categories & Products
  79. Evaluating OSC Max for the first time
  80. [Installer Issue] Dead catalog and admin after installation
  81. Code Suffix, Suffix Order and Suffix Separator.
  82. Is osCmax safe, secure ? oscommerce version used ?
  83. Is a php 5.4.19 compatible version going to be released soon?
  84. [Catalog Issue] Text issue
  85. Mysql error: 1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_ship_price' in 'field list' when adding a new product or editing one
  86. Chrges regarding weight of the product
  87. Rebuilding a hacked site
  88. Currencies as Icons/Graphics
  89. Changes made to configureation not reflecting on site...Please help
  90. Checkout page blank
  91. [Installer Issue] How to setup site wide SSL to maybe avoid the annoying Mixed content messages???
  92. Error in tax class of product
  93. (oscmax.queimex.com) Second tax rate and description not showing in catalog. (Oscmax 2.5.3)
  94. Have Any Rewards option for customers?
  95. [Server/Hosting Issue] Locked out of admin, strange discovery
  96. Moving a site to Godaddy server
  97. [Catalog Issue] Problem with  appearing in front of £
  98. Sitemonitor 3.2 and osCmax 2.5.3 issues
  99. [Admin Issue] PayPal Direct Payment - no API Cert
  100. Upgrade Advice Please
  101. Problems with the wishlist
  102. Language problem - Connection closed
  103. Important shipping weight problem
  104. Version 2.5.4 ?
  105. Shipping setup
  106. [Installer Issue] Extraños caracteres y pagina del admin en blanco
  107. Recaptcha question
  108. Upgrade from v2.0.4 to v2.5.3 - Gotchas?
  109. Shipping not showing in one page checkout
  110. [Installer Issue] Upgrading from OSCMAX 2.5 beta 3 to 2.5.3 full version
  111. Work ever including taxes
  112. Clean Install then link to previous database?
  113. Fresh install, everything went fine but blank admin after login
  114. [Server/Hosting Issue] Secure ftp
  115. Issues with upgrade
  116. OsCmax API?
  117. SSL Provider - Feedback Needed
  118. currently on oscmax 2.01 , wanna upgrade to latest
  119. [Installer Issue] Cannot login after fresh install
  120. [Installer Issue] All links direct to staging server
  121. [Catalog Issue] Remove Individual Shipping Notice on Product Info Page
  122. Problem with quantity price breaks and quantity blocks
  123. [Admin Issue] SMTP Authentication
  124. [Installer Issue] H1 tags in v2.5
  125. [Admin Issue] CKEditor change default heading font and size?
  126. Need help setting up Authorize.net SIM
  127. seo url issue
  128. "VAT" not showing in cart - Total is there the word "VAT" is not
  129. Upgrade to 2.5.4 has lost the slideshow on product pages
  130. Product Price Breaks or Price Sensitive Discount?
  131. [Catalog Issue] 2.5.4 - Error: 1046 No database selected
  132. Template is messed up after upgrade to 2.5.4
  133. adding new admin login page
  134. Restoring a DB from One Domain to Another
  135. [Catalog Issue] Issues with upgrade from 2.5.3 to 2.5.4
  136. [Server/Hosting Issue] Error 500 - after update apache - php
  137. Regenerate Category URL's
  138. Images and rebuilding errors
  139. [Admin Issue] PayPal Express addon
  140. SEO URL's filter short words - How do you turn this off
  141. [Catalog Issue] Login redirect
  142. Moved to new host provider and can't access catalog.
  143. Resolved: Information Pages in 2.5. Where are they ?
  144. Want to Pay Someone to make OSCmaX V2.5.4 Coupons, Vouchers and PayPal Modules Work
  145. [Server/Hosting Issue] Language problems on localhost.
  146. Admin Order Process Confirmation Emails Stopped Sending After Switching to One Page Checkout
  147. Demo needs to be updated to 2.5.4...
  148. Problem login after installation: Redirect always to login menu (both administrator and user)
  149. [Admin Issue] Where is the Admin Menu ?
  150. Contact Us - Price Enquiry - Edit Text
  151. New 2.5.4 Install - Issue with Google Sitemaps Generation
  152. Catalog is broken after failed attempt to configure site for SSL
  153. USA Epay
  154. Price not being displayed, no product found?
  155. Newsletters
  156. Music store
  157. Product not found
  158. Do you know of a good OScmax Weg designer
  159. [Installer Issue] upgraded now thumbnails very pixelated
  160. [Server/Hosting Issue] Will version 2.5.4 work on php 5.5 ?
  161. Dynamic versus Static
  162. Oscmax 2.5.4 Robots.txt
  163. No product found
  164. 2.5.4 Won't install
  165. Blank index page
  166. Oscmax 2.5.4 stopped sending emails.
  167. Question about the logic of having three image directories...
  168. configuration_cache.php
  169. Seo URL
  170. [Installer Issue] Upgrade issues to 2.5.4
  171. oscMax Shop, is it being maintained?
  172. [Server/Hosting Issue] Upgrade to php 5.5 with mysqli extsion installed any issues with 2.5.2 and 2.5.3 versions
  173. [Installer Issue] Getting a blank page after install the version 2.5.3
  174. [Admin Issue] Pending orders do not appear on admin site
  175. [Server/Hosting Issue] Migrating to hosting with PHP 5.5 issue
  176. [Server/Hosting Issue] authorize.net changing URL to Akamai
  177. [Admin Issue] CVV on Authorize.net
  178. Ver 2.5.5 - Checkout Payment Error - Unable to determine connection method on a link
  179. [Server/Hosting Issue] Oscmax for PHP 5.5 and 5.6 - Future
  180. Index page help please.
  181. [Installer Issue] What's the Latest Released ?
  182. help needed with issues after Godaddy moved my files to new server
  183. PayPal Website Payments Standard - API setup
  184. Anyone else see lots of fake login attempts?
  185. [Catalog Issue] 2.5.4 dropping shipping at last page of checkout
  186. [Installer Issue] Installing OSCMAX on a synology NAS
  187. RE: Ver 2.5.5 - Checkout Payment Error - Unable to determine connection method on a link
  188. [Server/Hosting Issue] help migrating to different server
  189. [Admin Issue] image trouble populating products
  190. [Admin Issue] display of USPS mail class
  191. [Admin Issue] store charging sales tax in TWO US states on one order
  192. [Admin Issue] Authorize.net SIM
  193. Featured Sets
  194. Contact for Price! question
  195. [Admin Issue] Lost homepage content and all prices
  196. [Admin Issue] DHL shipping ?
  197. customers cannot log in, returned to login page
  198. Only shipping module that works is Per Item
  199. MySQL has a red minus on install
  200. [Admin Issue] Authorize.net turning off MD5 hash
  201. Cannot install OSCMax on server with MySQL v.5.7.25