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  1. OSCmax looks different in Mozilla and IE?
  2. SSL and the open lock
  3. Error viewing products after wiping them all out.
  4. RC2 > RC3 upgrade issue
  5. Where are the French files ?
  6. Inherited a broken site, finding it difficult to fix
  7. Configuration File Error
  8. Problem with displaying shop?
  9. TEMPLATE INSTALL ISSUE --> Illegal Template Directory
  10. Widening the shop to the whole screen
  11. Configure.php security error
  12. THinking about upgrading..
  13. PayPal Returns to "Payment Information" Page
  14. How can I get the affiliate infobox back?
  15. Error line 168
  16. email problems with HTML, sender's name
  17. Firefox & popup_image.php - does not resize correctly?
  18. Help with my stupidity
  19. Fatal error
  20. Steps to launch?
  21. Width of information/products overlap side background
  22. Paypal/authorizenet Fix yet?
  23. How can I have multiple users accessing DB?
  24. Problem once added french language !
  25. Gift voucher problems
  26. How to install a contribution in OscMax ?
  27. RC 3 PayPal IPN install issue.
  28. Moving data to new database
  29. Additional Weight when using Attributes
  30. HELP with site down
  31. Please you will help me --> little problem ---> colossal help.
  32. Any ideas as to why???????????
  33. Template Installation
  34. RC2 to RC3 Upgrade: Admin Access Denied
  35. Getting an Internet Explorer error on every page
  36. Database Prefix
  37. PayPal IPN in RC3 - values not being passed to PayPal?
  38. Cannot proceed to Payment Information
  39. Rot or in Catalog directory
  40. Price Break 1.11.3 -- inconsistent display of price breaks across different pages
  41. Update orders
  42. Authorize.net problems - Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
  43. Problem: Warning: main(includes/languages/
  44. http headers not being returned
  45. Sppc
  46. Email problems with new installation of osCMax
  47. Errors attempting to login to oscMax admin panel after installation
  48. Wmsg, multiple vendors, downloadables?
  49. Okay, I must your help < something really little
  50. lost admin password
  51. Admin product search bug?
  52. Great OSC, but one error
  53. Proceed Directly to Checkout - problem
  54. error with site
  55. Order_Info.php problem
  56. Error with shipping
  57. Sales tax problem
  58. No images loading
  59. Checkout problem: not processing more than one product
  60. Images not showing in SSL, what do I have wrong?
  61. Catagory images in Admin are HUGE!
  62. Categories/products in admin blank
  63. Shopping cart reload in IE
  64. Gift Vouchers not working
  65. osc 2.2 to oscmax database conversion
  66. Dynamic MoPics
  67. Admin Login Error
  68. Shipping Price Display not working for me
  69. New Order Email Notification
  70. Can someone help me debug?
  71. Remove Printable Catalog Option
  72. Wierd Error
  73. Order of downloadable product doesn't lead to download link
  74. taxes not being added to product prices in checkout
  75. For all the ordnance!! Please you will help me.
  76. Tax Calculation , Net and Gross Price Issues
  77. Customer data errors after order # 1000
  78. Installing PHP5 reg_global=off, long_arrays=off
  79. product notification -- how to write one?
  80. What to do if your "download" button disappears
  81. Testers needed for register_globals/register_long_arrays=off
  82. Can sitemap.php use SEO URLs easily?
  83. Copyright and Staying Legal
  84. No access to php.ini file!
  85. Admin Login After Installation ???
  86. Can't CHMOD configure.php back to 444
  87. Can't See Payment modules or file manager
  88. Problem with new install, editing Main Page
  89. Unusual Problem
  90. Please help with an error
  91. Checkout Problem
  92. Shipping Questions
  93. Fatal error help
  94. International Airmail LETTER USPS not working
  95. I need help!
  96. ckeckout help
  97. Can't get Ultimate SEO working
  98. SSL broken on sub files
  99. V2 Documentation?
  100. Is RC3 Stable enough?
  101. 2 Questions. Delivery Date, Multiple Flat Rate
  102. Articles Problem - Unknown column 'a.authors_id' in 'on clause'
  103. Two Bugs/Issues???
  104. Getting a "HTTP 404 Not Found" error when clicking products or categories
  105. Last_Page_URL (whos_online) Can't view products
  106. Can not run oscmax install script on php5 - here is the fix
  107. osCMax 2.0 no delivery option during checkout
  108. osCMAX download
  109. v1.7 to v2.0 upgrade
  110. Installing issue - fatal error
  111. Unable to install
  112. Error in checkout_process.php
  113. Welcome Guest and Name missing
  114. Emergency problem with downloadable products -- IE Windows
  115. "Create Order" having errors (downloadable product/accept cc #)
  116. oscommerce to Oscmax
  117. Covert OSC2.2 Ms2 database to OSCMax
  118. Previous order still in cart? Michael-Can you help?
  119. Order received, but looks as if it is sent by server?
  120. Problems with Checking Out!!!
  121. Problem when trying to upload images,products and categories!!
  122. no catalog page
  123. home page; what should it be?
  124. LinkPoint Payment Module - Error
  125. How dio I disable Affiliates and Gifts Coupons
  126. What is BTS?
  127. Help with image resolution in customer view?
  128. Error Messages in IE
  129. Basic problem www.
  130. Zone name not showing, just zone code
  131. SSL problem
  132. Added language, page dissapeared!!
  133. Pictures not displaying correctly
  134. Not able to install due to Security Risk
  135. Prices do not show at all
  136. Search Engine Friendly URL's not working after moving to new server/host
  137. Delete language and currency from main page...
  138. osCMax v2.0 in title on every page how do I change it?
  139. Does this bug effect oscmax also?
  140. Path to Fckeditor
  141. Html Code Problems x 2
  142. sppc prices not shown
  143. States not showing in new account form
  144. Backup produces error 500
  145. Login causes cart to empty
  146. backup error
  147. some stuff undefined in admin
  148. Possible HInt on how to get around Admin and Catalog not showing after clean install.
  149. Can OSc be installed locally for testing?
  150. Installation stops at step two
  151. Anoter (probably simple) BTS question
  152. Fresh install and all over the place
  153. Comma and point in quantity field (,.)
  154. Customer Info not in order (name, address, etc)
  155. Authorize.net eCheck install?
  156. Buyer without account cannot download?
  157. Pb Install French language
  158. Documentation for change the design
  159. Decreasing total size
  160. No shipping methods displayed
  161. Newbie, please advice missing icons
  162. upgrade from max 1.5 products and categories not shown
  163. config heading title and meta keywords
  164. The Link Keeps Changing???
  165. Error: Destination not writeable.
  166. 1064 message going from Cust List page to Orders
  167. I can only get to home page at www.yoursite.com/catalog
  168. no where to enter Discount Coupon Code
  169. Excessive traffic on site
  170. How to tell patch level for version
  171. FCKEditor ISSUES
  172. blank index pages
  173. FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini
  174. Installing
  175. I think I'm missing something...
  176. Move a working store to different server
  177. Urgent! FAtal Error! Help me with download link
  178. Unable to edit admin passwords
  179. 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  180. email problem after fresh install
  181. "Buy Now" Button Not Functioning
  182. Upgrading default Fantastico oscommerce installation
  183. osCMax newbie questions
  184. My credit processing on my site doesn't work
  185. SSL And FCK editor- something wrong
  186. Undefined function tep_db_connect()
  187. Two dumb newbie questions, I hope!
  188. Illegal database name !
  189. Xampp local installation guidance needed - Newbie questions
  190. Seperate Price Per Customer
  191. New upload not showing up
  192. 1052 error - new products & sppc
  193. Shipping not calculating or appearing
  194. oscmax1.7 to 2.0 uppgrade?
  195. oscommerce 2.2 to oscmax migration
  196. Converting contribs to BTS templating system
  197. Converting DB from OSC2.2 to OSCMAX2.2
  198. New install comments and questions
  199. redirect from root
  200. Categories appear twice, can't shut off price
  201. Image Issue with OSCMAX2_RC3_0_1
  202. Installation Problem
  203. Paypal IPN & Free Shipping Voucher issue
  204. css and dhtml validation
  205. Restoring a DB - need help!
  206. Can't get discounts+taxes to calculate ok - Desperate
  207. form_check.js.php needed everywhere?
  208. Security Issue
  209. can't install osCMax
  210. Attributes Manager Problem
  211. converting ms2 to osCMax
  212. Account registration not working.
  213. Interested in buying templates
  214. Editing the header
  215. Download link not clickable
  216. osC Max installation Flash tutorial
  217. configure.php HELP PLEASE
  218. download test
  219. Product pricing showing as 0
  220. FATAL ERROR: register_globals
  221. payment module
  222. Migrating from old oscommerce version?
  223. DataBase
  224. Emails not sent with sendmail...
  225. Rc3.0.1
  226. Why is it asking for the password
  227. database connection error
  228. Will oscMax work with php5 and MySQL5 ? (All featueres)
  229. Unable to create a customer
  230. Viewing by Manufacturers (next page) issue
  231. Blank main Index page
  232. redirect to root
  233. In admin, 2 operations kick me out to the login screen.
  234. Dynamic MoPics
  235. PayPal IPN + CCGV = Infinite Vouchers?
  236. DIR_FCKEDITOR mess up
  237. Adding Custom Fields
  238. Any Help wpuld be nice
  239. I Need Help Please - Quick!
  240. Still Not Working
  241. Unable to configure payment methods
  242. Administrators Guide on Setting up?
  243. Copy of Admin Guide?
  244. wishlist problems on osCMax2.0
  245. Problems with admin login
  246. Bought a Custom template here need help ASAP
  247. Newbie - v1.7 to v2.0 help wanted
  248. Not Reciving Emails
  249. Demo v2 oscmax v2 not working
  250. database and mysqldiff question