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  1. How to disable product add date
  2. Continuing my DEMO CATALOG IN CD-ROM development
  3. Shipping Question
  4. Color of price
  5. Problem with orders that have been updated to show delivered
  6. DHTML Categories Menu
  7. catalog/checkout_shipping_address.php isn't loading
  8. free shipping/delivery to local addresses -- add "zone&
  9. help with pwa contrib
  10. I would like MAX to do a couple things..
  11. Case SenSiTivE CASEsensitive IN WINDOWS? - Plz read
  12. MAJOR BUG! PDF Virtual Download File Gets Corrupt!
  13. product listing.. what file is it?? help please!
  14. 2checkout orders not showing up!
  15. Options/Values
  16. Need $0.00 to go away everywhere but prod attributes
  17. layout in productlisting?
  18. Full State Name
  19. Images are ok everywhere except preview in /admin/categories
  20. Set my main page sort order?
  21. Contact Us New Fields
  22. another color for the centre of my page
  23. Adding text to emailed invoice
  24. info_shopping_cart.php ?? Where is this called from?
  25. account page - state drop down
  26. Admin losing session on form submit, returning to login
  27. where to get a copy?
  28. customizing page & errors
  29. Adding Special Text area to mainpage
  30. 2CO Issues
  31. SQL syntax for execute BTS.sql?
  32. having trouble with entering the tax zone in admin
  33. Have new SSL Cert...
  34. OSCMAX_top_low.jpg mismatch?
  35. What does the installer do?
  36. Comments in Checkout not stored and not displaying correctly
  37. New products bug fix
  38. Making Attributes a must
  39. MS2 MAX 1.7 download?
  40. ERROR 1054 Anyone????
  41. Google Ads
  42. Help with Welcome Email
  43. paypal ipn can't modify header information
  44. EasyPop: Need Upload to OVERWRITE all existing, not append
  45. https:// not quite doing it for me yet!
  46. Affiliate and Printable Catalog problems after upgrade...
  47. Align pics in category headers?
  48. move title up in code? should be right after <head>
  49. Simple question about title
  50. How does the download manager work?
  51. Can I "include('details.htm')" in a product discri
  52. trouble with headers
  53. Category name
  54. REQ: How To: Discounts based on specific customers
  55. Creating a Gift Voucher
  56. UPS Individual box qty shipping price
  57. all products list with buy now and quantity
  58. Re Guide for Modifying Box's
  59. use bts update,i cant use WYSIWYG upload any picture????????
  60. Export customer details?
  61., A Spider? possible hack attempt?
  62. Busting my brain over skipping shipping Please Help!
  63. MS2-Max Bug in main page specials???
  64. discount coupon, gift voucher and low order fees
  65. How can I move customers to new dbase?
  66. Bestseller according to main category selected
  67. Fatal Error
  68. Issue with edit product description
  69. create local shipping zones (across zipcodes)?
  70. Double Trouble (double products?)
  71. Some questions about categories, etc.
  72. Changing the option order
  73. Nested Attributes?
  74. Images gone inside of admin panel - but show in site correct
  75. 'Build' to 'Live' Directory Change, but missed "Account
  76. multi-product move,copy,erase mod -- errors with MS2-MAX?
  77. Attributes Stock
  78. affiliate registration problem
  79. Any ideas? PAYPAL IPN Not posting! Searched boards.
  80. Restricting multiple product purchases
  81. database and admin problem
  82. How can I tell if MAX has modified a file?
  83. creating PDF catalog
  84. ms2-MAX and Dreamweaver
  85. Extending Admin login expiry time
  86. Customer's email not in Order Process emails Feature or Bug?
  87. Can't remove Gift Voucher from Information InfoBox
  88. Add checkboxes to contact_us.php
  89. edit product description
  90. Mdb -> Insert Query -> mySQL -> I Happy !
  91. Removing a "Top Administrator" member - blocked??
  92. What do i install first?
  93. Getting parse errors with BTS 1.2a update on clean install
  94. URgent! how to change length of product description!
  95. changes with gift voucher
  96. coolmenu install
  97. Looking for advice on adding OSC contribs to MAX
  98. How do i remove the "Lets see what we have here?"
  99. MAX 1.5.5 license?
  100. where do i set the admin login page?
  101. Edit attributes - Something Something isn't right
  102. creating vendor application form and errors!
  103. Sort Option on Order Confirmation Page
  104. Moving a website
  105. Quick about date format
  106. Admin: Update/modify Preview & add active
  107. Reviews text not showing up
  108. How to use define mainpage? lost and need help
  109. background image has dissappeared , help
  110. Product listing comes out distorted, please help
  111. Can't access login using default values
  112. BTS problem with my template, help apprecaited
  113. Any way to get terms and conditions on the register window?
  114. How can i edit a CSS style for the specials?
  115. Indivisual Shipping Contribution
  116. How to reduce number of 'New Products for Mth' on home page?
  117. Backround image wont fill page
  118. EasyPopulate - suddenly having upload problem - See Error
  119. Remove Dynamic Mo Pics
  120. Product listing
  121. Header link and nav bar
  122. Second Language Not Updating
  123. making my column_left and Column_rights fit into my layout..
  124. Integrate Database
  125. Cannot get the following Java Script to work for me.
  126. Need help with sql errors showing up in admin
  127. Cache - Blank Categories & Manufacturers
  128. check out process stuck at checkout_shipping.php
  129. main_page.tpl.php where is OSCMAX_bc_right.gif
  130. WYSIWYG on Mozilla/Firefox?
  131. USPS & UPS Shipping Problems Somewhat Resolved
  132. Add Item to Cart, authenticate, then deletes cart contents?
  133. how do i change the lanugage on my oscmax ?
  134. change look of breadcrumbs
  135. ERROR 1046 - 2 Stores down need help ASAP!!!
  136. Problem with MoPics, changes thumbs directory
  137. Banner Manager, No Banners ???
  138. Problem with CheckOut, Creating New Accounts, and Logging in
  139. Creating a https request with the POST method
  140. creating single sign-in with scheduling feature
  141. Getting "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error creating
  142. Help with addon
  143. html email in admin not working
  144. Notification
  145. Mutiple stores - one database?
  146. Banners not showing up at all, what to do?
  147. Admin password out of sync with site password
  148. New Unseen Error 1226 - Please help
  149. Question 2: Category Descriptions (Enabled, Not Showing)
  150. What is the difference between the regular PayPal & the
  151. BTS install
  152. Problem with Cart
  153. Can't delete an admin user
  154. Problem with Sucess page
  155. Changing Status when Quantity of Item is 0
  156. robots.txt
  157. quickfind & advance search
  158. Checkout stages - bypass sections?
  159. User registration problem with State Abbreviation!!!
  160. Specials nad New Products
  161. I want to die !! Strange Behaviour PLZ HELP !! S.O.S. !
  162. Can I remove column_right.php from static pages?
  163. Customer adding a text message?
  164. Changing the default amount of thumbnails per page
  165. write permissions
  167. Adding a box
  168. Need to delete table_background_default from ?header?
  169. Auth only cc transactions how to w/authorizenet module?
  170. flow chart?
  171. Online checks
  172. Changing "authorize.net" to "Credit Card Deta
  173. What's NEW in MS2-MAX 1.7
  174. Can't seem to get same page link/anchor to work~
  175. View products in category as a list
  176. Picture and Caching problems...
  177. is AAP V1.2 contribution compatible with osmax
  178. 2 Questions from a osc beginner
  179. Mod to Display Catalog
  180. Problem viewing Enlarged pictures
  181. How do I edit these files?
  182. Showing pics above the description on category page
  183. 8 digits credit card
  184. HELP! Broke LIVE STORE
  185. Import Orders
  186. Back Button
  187. Site stuck at checkout_shipping.php after installing--------
  188. Credit Card Acceptance in cc_validation class
  189. My altered coolmenu is malfunctioning. Please help!
  190. Problems displaying atr. 777 images...
  191. Unknown column 'products_options_value_text' in 'field list'
  192. OSC-MAX v1.7 Installation
  193. Sort products by price
  194. Porblem in define_mainpage.php - main page settings
  195. how to create a quick checkout form
  196. osCommerce logon
  197. State List Missing on Signup form
  198. "Click to enlarge" not working
  199. remove mainpage.php or at least the extra white space at top
  200. Changing Boxes
  201. Rounded corners on boxes
  202. Product Net Price vs. Gross Price
  203. Purchase without an account not available?
  204. Prob with Dynamic Mopics, some suggestions of solution insid
  205. color of header text in new products and specials boxes
  206. Gift Voucher. I LOVE IT!
  207. bts 1.2a SQL syntax error
  208. help me plz!!!!
  209. Agree with Condirions Germany Any solution?
  210. How to deinstall or turn off Gift Voucher??
  211. controlling text width in right/left columns.
  212. Item on the false side , how to fix?
  213. Order email price without tax!
  214. Tried to Log in but went to a empty page
  215. Help with greeting statement?
  216. please help with discount coupon and authorize.net
  217. ALL LINKS BROKEN, Please Help!
  218. how can I cancel or delete gift voucher that I sent
  219. Define Mainpage
  220. add 2nd menu category level
  221. Mo Pics Not Working Right w/ 32 Final Template
  222. email spacing
  223. Suggestion plz
  224. Meta Tags
  225. Checkout without account functioning funny...
  226. img link as one of your categories??? pls help
  227. SEO Assistant
  228. Maybe Stupid Question? Where to Download 1.5?
  229. Problem with resizig pics
  230. Clearing Products viewed?
  231. Using Manufacturer's dropdown list resets cart to 0 items
  232. Any luck installing AutoLogon on MS2-MAX?
  233. 1.7 Problem with image sizing
  234. OsCommerce 2.1 to Max 1.7
  235. products showing up in catalog twice?
  236. how do i add shipping price under the product price ?
  237. How to set CODEPAGE in EMAILS?
  238. Shipping
  239. Where is download link for Oscdox v1.7?
  240. "Hardening" MS2-MAX 1.5???
  241. Spider Safe URLs?
  242. Missing Continue Shopping buttons
  243. Gift Vouchers - Send voucher option doesn't show in cart
  244. Custom Product Fields
  245. State list missing on Create Account Page
  246. Shipping Config...
  247. FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini
  248. BUG REPORT - Option Type Attributes
  249. Kicked off when entering data into Admin areas and Catalog
  250. different tax rates within product