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  1. How to make categories appear in the center of page
  2. How do I get per item shipping for one and UPS for others?
  3. The usual SSL stuff
  4. making the category picture bigger?
  5. No Customer Details- How do I modify account setup
  6. Create Account Feature, missing State field
  7. Use a gif image instead of text in boxes
  8. Product startup costs
  9. Download feature ?
  10. simple subscription/registration site
  11. Multiple Catagories and Adding Fields
  12. Clear ALL products in dataase
  13. Download and the check payment module?
  14. Displaying products - Too simple, ergo complicated
  15. Installation of new credit card module
  16. Move to TOP category doesn't work
  17. Removing New Products Box
  18. multiple product image sizes
  19. Adding another Manufacturer type box
  20. How to add new language (THAI)
  21. Delivery Address
  22. Shipping ARGGGG !!
  23. coexistence of oscommerce and my session variables
  24. Need to Widen Categories Box..
  25. Session stealing
  26. Don't know what happend?
  27. Adding Image above a box
  28. Adding products directly to catagory box, Easy way??
  29. New customers see old orders!
  30. Help : Change the outlook of OSCommerce Cart
  31. wacky tag mangling behavior
  32. Additional Postage Table Contribution : I screwed up !!
  33. Really Simple HTML Help
  34. I've screwed it up - please help!
  35. Removing 'Customers who bought this product' box
  36. HELP! Can't modify index.php, parse error 13
  37. Changing MS2-MAX but not having to upload everything?
  38. How to disable product reviews?
  39. How to make a link available after purchase for audio
  40. Set up Multiple shipping zones
  41. Looking for a Flash Designer familiar with osCommerce
  42. help wanted, Easypopulate 2.60 after install
  43. Shipping to zones in the same country
  44. Product attributes problem
  45. Can anyone help with CRE-Loaded6_v2? Need some mods/hacks
  46. right column alignment issues
  47. Can't change colour with WYSIWYG Editor
  48. Need help ASAP! please
  49. Pricing, Shipping Weight, and Flatfiles ...
  50. Getting dynamic content inside a new infobox
  51. Please help :0
  52. Changing footer requests to show site logins
  53. rss feed for phpnuke ..anyone?
  54. is it possible to add products....
  55. Easy Populate problem
  56. 1016 Error message PLEASE HELP!!
  57. MS2-MAX: New Products Page: Change Products Per Row
  58. looking for PHP guru to modify functions of OSCommerce
  59. SSL/Certificate question
  60. Replying to Adding different colors for each box
  61. Changing order of account info
  62. product images border
  63. space of side boxes removal
  64. New Products For...
  65. My customers can't create accounts.
  66. Getting new template for OSCommerce...how many pages?
  67. help please
  68. Secure Server Subdomain
  69. Help Me Fix This and I'll Pay You
  70. Customize Center Section on Main Page
  71. Please help! I'm stuck!
  72. Can't upload images...
  73. Removing price listing from "New Products For ..."
  74. All fields converting to paypal except price
  75. PAYPAL IPN notification URL help
  76. Help with OSCommerce and PayPal IPN
  77. Database Reports Without Programming?
  78. Anti Robot Registration Validation 1.0.1a with osc 2.2MS2
  79. Paypal IPN 1.7
  80. OSC using an external user auth system
  81. Shopping cart / Payment module / checkout process
  82. header / header.php top logo problem
  83. BTS how-to links
  84. Product attribute issues!
  85. How to change the way products are displayed (list)
  86. Losing products from shopping cart?
  87. anyone using Salemaker contribution?
  88. categories links not working
  89. Can't create accounts, or purchase anything from my store.
  90. Linkpoint module
  91. What is passed to constructor of tableBox ? ($contents)
  92. Parse error on Line 13
  93. Subcategories won't show when produts exist
  94. Bestseller box not showing...
  95. multiable copy of Email with different subject line
  96. how to add manufacturer to product_info.php
  97. Confusion : navigationHistory - is there a bug?
  98. Get "n" showing when I click on a category after r
  99. Bulk Deactivate Products
  100. Prices about 10% higher before login
  101. How can I make the boxes on left different then on right
  102. Title is Different on Category Page compared to the Homepage
  103. Box Header Not Working in CSS.....Help
  104. Please help - I need to put my store on line
  105. Change postcode to zip code?
  106. Product detail in product listing
  107. Can't find 2 Styles
  108. gdlib2
  109. stylesheet confusion
  110. Removing the rounded corner from the "New For..."
  111. Limits for modifying the arrow
  112. Lost admin access
  113. Uninstalling OS Commerce
  114. Admin File Access Questions?
  115. Help! Error message during checkout related to shipping
  116. cannot access admin after adding .htaccess
  117. Image probbs.
  118. Adding a new field (checkout)
  119. Session id on admin login
  120. HELP! How do I change the Category html links??
  121. HELP with Linkpoint Credit Card Gateway...!!!
  122. Disabling checkout and add to cart functionality initially
  123. adding text to each category section
  124. Help with taxproblems
  125. product text boxes with customer ability to add initials
  126. credit card encryption in database
  127. navigation bar height
  128. Change language in counter
  129. Empty shopping cart after clicking Buy Now Button
  130. Expanding categories infobox
  131. Lots of Products all with the same attributes.
  132. Products/Categories on front page
  133. How to remove search function
  134. How to put more than one product's picture?
  135. credit card error on verisign payflow pro
  136. WorldPay test ok - but not transferring back?!
  137. installing GPG contrib
  138. after easypopulate, how to take away the model number?
  139. I can't send more than one email, WHY???
  140. When I buy the product, why no email send to Admin ?!
  141. How do you give each item its own box?
  142. Old Forum Archive problem
  143. creating a flat percentage rate for shipping.
  144. Products/Categories on front page
  145. question about creating an auto body parts online shop
  146. Centering Site. I need some help
  147. Additional Product Fields...
  148. Blank Page @ checkout_process.php for linkpoint mod, help
  149. installing linkpoint module without Curl?
  150. Download Files
  151. Need to know if there is an eci-pay payment module.
  152. Problem with £ showing as J
  153. Error
  154. Integrating look and feel of osC with already designed site
  155. thumbnail enlarged picture
  156. layout questions
  157. newbie. problem with replacing a text with an image
  158. Difficulty with Easy Populate Contribution
  159. Multi vendor contribution problems
  160. Authorize.net transaction code, cc-types
  161. change buy now button
  162. Help Paypal UK
  163. Suppressing link xchange banners on secure pages
  164. Sandalwood adding product fields mod
  165. Think you can help?
  166. Sort Attributes under Categories
  167. Creating own 'add to cart' links
  168. quotation email form with product info
  169. Need help with a simple product listing hack...
  170. Linkpoint and CURL failure
  171. REmove New Products box from mainpage
  172. E-mail problem
  173. combine the info box to categories box
  174. Anyone can login my admin.php...Help plz!
  175. Image Errors when uploading.
  176. Images Path ...
  177. How 2 change <title>osCommerce</title>
  178. Speed Issues...
  179. Entering dealer cost in products
  180. Linkpoint Woes
  181. EasyPopulate:Images Valid & U/L, then "Can't find i
  182. Broken 'Buy it Now' buttons, can you figure out why?
  183. Change Mainpage Title in MS2 Max
  184. Explain "quantity" number with added text?
  185. email content is missing (smtp contrib)
  186. Welcome Newsletter
  187. Weird problem
  188. "Buy It Now" button problem
  189. Can we by pass sign in before checkout?
  190. EasyPopulate2.72_1 or Excel?
  191. parse error
  192. 2CO Orders Never Show Up in OSCommerce System
  193. article search
  194. I want to change the colour setting of the mainpage.
  195. Custom product_listing pages? help !
  196. Where to get colour code
  197. Please help on my e-commerce
  198. Download page
  199. new products for... question?
  200. Picture distorted
  201. What New
  202. need to change the price calculation for OSCommerce cart
  203. Attribute = new item
  204. Need help with categories/descriptions
  205. easypopulate install
  206. BigSizeImage jpegs ?
  207. Purchase Without Account install??
  208. New Modification Walkthrough.
  210. Roadmap
  211. Error on checkout_process.php file ...please help ???
  212. Why can't create a new account ?
  213. price calculation problem, where are the functions?
  214. Changing the layout..hELP Needed!!
  215. Box Question
  216. Images - some of my products have pics...some do not!!
  217. decimal values
  218. Just a few QUESTIONS for You
  219. close store
  220. Creating "list price" listing category
  221. Reviews text not showing up
  222. Adding login page to admin
  223. payment module resetting
  224. Added then lost my header background image! How
  225. SPEED things up?
  226. encounter some problem with header
  227. Easy Populate not allowing to upload EP...
  228. Need contract programmer to develop Payment Module
  229. Skipping Shipping for individual items
  230. Making my header look cool...
  231. Possessed Shopping Cart Box??
  232. I erased contact_us.php!
  233. I keep erasing everything!
  234. More than one Image
  235. Email regarding
  236. boxes and links help me
  237. Any suggestion.....&
  238. OH PLEASE HELP-content erasing itself!
  239. Problems with Secure Credit Card - GPG
  240. List Manufacture name in product titles?
  241. Optional Attributes???
  242. Category list Box
  243. 2 small problems i am sure
  244. Custom Currency
  245. Stubborn footer Background color
  246. Main body text size/size of search box/adding img to footer
  247. payment processing
  248. delivery time in replace of the shippment
  249. Remove subcategory listings in Category box
  250. Edit Breadcrumb Trail