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  1. problems with new products for...in subcategories
  2. new product text fields
  3. Kinder, gentler OSCommerce
  4. Taxes! Shipping! and Orders!
  5. Displaying less products on front page
  6. Define Language user permissions in Admin
  7. Column_left background image
  8. stylesheet help
  9. New Products Box Removal
  10. Display order in the Additional Option boxes
  11. Tax (U.K. VAT) display both
  12. Mouseover Color
  13. Another questions... problem..
  14. Width Issues
  15. Problem with background image in infoBoxHeading...
  16. Changing default Guest to something else...
  17. Subscription Access, Fee-based Sites & Content
  18. Payment success even when false?
  19. Can anybody help me remove this text?
  20. Product attributes and Receiving Special Instructions
  21. change the look - remove the currency and language box
  22. any documentation available? (zones / shipping / tax zones..
  24. please help review not working
  25. Currency to PayPal
  26. Need Help With Boxes
  27. Headerbar :?:
  28. Want to run 2 or more sites from one table in Master databas
  29. Verisign Payflow Link Problems
  30. Creating new shipping metods
  31. Shipping method not on Invoice,packing slip, emails etc...
  32. easypopulate error
  33. Help: Want Different Shipping Rates per Product Line...
  34. UPS and Canada on MSI
  35. Error with reviews after installing header_tags contribution
  36. Credit card month...
  37. Need help with category layout
  38. White border on infoboxes?
  39. Width of Category Page - Can't seem to figure it out
  40. Background colour in columns only
  41. How to change the welcome email ?
  42. pages don't display properly using a MAC
  43. how do i completly remove the welcome text?
  44. adding item to cart from external webpage
  45. Mass deleting products and catagories,.. and other questions
  46. Log in Problems
  47. A front end GUI (gnome) for Oscommerce
  48. List products down the page with brief description
  49. Static Page
  50. Remove "in cart" Button for individual categories
  51. Custom Label Store
  52. Categories box layout nightmare Need Help!
  53. Editing Categories Box Contents
  54. Diff. Style for Left & Right boxes
  55. strange product...
  56. Displaying images
  57. Adding new text fields to Contact_Us page
  58. Lost the "0 items in cart" text in Shopping_Cart b
  59. Login Box
  60. PayPal IPN and No Register moduless
  61. how to add boxes to index.html
  62. HTML?
  63. Hot to? Joining/combining tables
  64. customising default images displayed
  65. Complex Shipping Module.
  66. Products weight in kilograms?
  67. moving the arrow in the "my cart" box
  68. "available option" text font....
  69. layout in header.php
  70. tax addon
  71. Stock/Inventory Question and a few other simple questions!
  72. Randomize certian Categories / Products
  73. Help - Catagories Menu Box Using Different Colors
  74. adding new pages complexing problem
  75. e-mail to fax conversion
  76. checkout testing error
  77. HELP.........
  78. need help getting anchor tags to work
  79. Account Page Blows up HELP!!!!!!!!!
  80. Shadow around Infoboxes ??
  81. How to Add more Columns to the product information diplay
  82. Attribrutes...
  83. Need SSL help! Tired All posts with no results.
  84. Serial Numbers for products??
  85. problems with shoppe enhancement controller & snapshot
  86. problems with shoppe enhancement controller & snapshot
  88. Product images not showing?
  89. NETSCAPE 4.7 is killing me help!!!!!!!!!!
  90. shipping mod problems
  91. Required Option at account creation
  92. Modifying Emails -- Update Order Status
  93. Deleted manufacturers_id on accident HELP!!!!!
  94. DOB format
  95. New products for the month problem
  96. Configure.php and SSL
  97. Printable Catalog HELP!!
  98. Almost ready to go live
  99. Add extra things above the bottom bar
  100. Manufacturer Category name not coming up...
  101. Moving category links to main area
  102. making the catalog menu same style as admin menu
  103. Modifying new account
  104. Places to Start for Newbee
  105. new fields problem
  106. Checkout Process help
  107. External DB authentication
  108. AuthorizeNet Error
  109. Shopping cart won't empty
  110. Trying to put a image in php (/boxes/categories.php)
  111. Languages without the flags
  112. Online rental site
  113. Problem with mod Basic Template Structure v0.9
  114. adding footer graphic to infoboxes...
  115. Table Width Problem
  116. Product without price?
  117. contributions
  118. Catalog images not appearing in Admin section
  119. A Hopefully Simple Question
  120. Fatal error in sessions.php when creating a new account
  121. Admin Order error
  122. Multiple Flat Shipping Rates?
  123. Product Quantity bug
  124. Using Image Map in Header
  125. Creating Table for Catalog Center Section
  126. MYOB integration
  127. Any alternative to SQL database ??
  128. From account_details.php Tutorial, what does <?php } ?>
  129. How do I modify these two things?
  130. Zone Rate By Price
  131. Small error in OSCdox - text changes
  132. Warning: mail(): SMTP server response...
  133. Newsletter / Emails
  134. customer should not be able to buy more than one piece
  135. A Few Questions
  136. How do I add/modify data fields?
  137. Anyone created penpal and match maker shop?
  138. I'm going mad, can someone have a look at this please?
  139. How can I make new css class for INPUT TYPE="TEXT"
  140. Is there away to display the Product Name in the Title Bar?
  141. Is there add-on for Available Options?
  142. Is there add-on for Available Options?
  143. Help adding admin pages
  144. Point to Verify help
  145. tep_currency_format()
  146. How do I remove the "New Products" section on the
  147. how to change every boxs background images
  148. Help with general.php error on checkout!!!!
  149. Displaying ONLY item total but not currency in cart display
  150. help please
  151. REALLY NEED HELP ON modification
  152. Need help displaying "New Products" on static html
  153. Style sheet colour wont reflect
  154. i have an error problem with purchase without account
  155. Send Email function for oscommerce
  156. help!!got a strange problem
  157. osCommerce Modification
  158. Products with Links on home page between columns
  159. Parse ErroR CANNOT SOLVE! *@*(%!@^*)&^
  160. back again
  161. checkout says theres no item in cart when there is
  162. Disabling CATEGORIES image.
  163. Help on boxes
  164. Shipping Mod Check
  165. Resize text for Address and Phone#
  166. How to have/add multilangual website?
  167. which add-on under this website?
  168. Sub-category pics
  169. anyone used infobox customizer & scroll bestsellers toge
  170. Change category list images, search form, add new pages.....
  171. Help in setup SSL
  172. Create account form error, Thank you all.
  173. Removing manufacturer
  174. adding differing prices for same item depending on format
  175. Add "USD" behind every prices
  176. Special Offer - BOGOF!
  177. Adding include side box that will display dynamic content
  178. credit class and GV contribution
  179. HELP - trying to edit "infoBoxHeading" text
  180. Dump question on where to edit info. of shipping, contact us
  181. Another dump question - Edit out of stock text in cart
  182. Last dump question I believe - How to show lastest news box
  183. Need help on several things...
  184. Search by Attributes
  185. where to adjust the windows width
  186. Date format question
  187. SQL-Error Message in site search
  188. Fatal Error Message
  189. strange problem look in please
  190. Payment model problems
  191. Gaps between info boxes (how do I change ?)
  192. Help with hiding "In Cart" button.....!!!!
  193. Specific Problem with Text Color
  194. change product information added to orders_products
  195. Help! Parse error message...
  196. Product item #
  197. organizing display of product attributes/options
  198. ms2 Welcome email
  199. Boxes around images
  200. Links not working with osCsid session id
  201. Can't find catalog dir
  202. Minimum Order Modification
  203. Want to change the list of products format to something else
  204. Adding product attributes with easypopulate
  205. California Sales Tax - Ugh
  206. Call to undefined function: count_contents_virtual()
  207. Is there a way to do this?
  208. Able to redeem gift voucher as guest
  209. Embedding a Flash file (SWF) in default.php
  210. help with TITLE, i'm using BTS v1
  211. Image path, where to change?
  212. Many currencies but one default payment currency required
  213. Sharing user database with PHPBB
  214. Secure Catalog Pages
  215. Oscommerce Diagram or Chart
  216. Admin not going into security mode
  217. Title tag position displaced
  218. Adding new textfield in checkout pages
  219. Error Messages
  220. No password in Admin
  221. Front Look Side Arrangemet
  222. Product Pricing Levels
  223. Help having problems with my store and ssl
  224. Adding Audio Files
  225. Table Rate Setting?
  226. change left column width only
  227. Anyone help me with my site. Lost all my links.
  228. Changing server info
  229. Brand new to Osc - Problems with images displaying at all
  230. New box
  231. Database Trouble
  232. change color of the very thin line
  233. Changing the color of the box headings
  234. HTML email a friend
  235. Modification to shopping_cart.php box needed...
  236. Customer Details under Configuration is Missing???
  237. Percent Price
  238. Order confirmation email?
  239. SSL Errors, Session Cookie, Session Cache, NOVICE Problems?
  240. Editing templates in Dreamweaver
  241. Swiss direct payement
  242. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING? HELP...
  243. Images in Default.php?
  244. Modifying cart/checkout to handle customized products?
  245. Adding a New Box on MS2-Max Version...
  246. clear_cache();
  247. AABox.com MS2-MAX-1.5, productlisting?
  248. image question
  249. USPS Shipping - please help "An error occured with the
  250. Need multiple shipping table rates for shopping cart